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haruko haruhara

can you please help me by adapting custom monsters to my invasion wad


im trying to adapt a Liquidator  a new monster on realm667 to skullag an you better not say skulltag is outdated because i really need help it was my mistake for starting this project of mine in skulltag but the next one will not be in skulltag but i need this invasion wad to be cool an awesome so i want to use some cool monsters but they don.t work any help would be nice thank you



plus there is already a mapper who is mapping for this so i can.t stop this project

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Posted (edited)

You don't have to abort the project or start over to change the target port from Skulltag to Zandronum.  Just make it require Skulltag Content.


Meanwhile, if the new monster uses ZScript, which won't work in either Skulltag or Zandronum, you might find OLDCODE in there, which is really a DECORATE lump renamed.  If it is there, rename it back to DECORATE, and use it instead.

Edited by Empyre : spelling error

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