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Sonic Robo Blast 2 (SRB2) for ZD and Zan UPDATE [Beta 11]

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Posted (edited)

                                      Sonic Robo Blast 2
                                             -Beta 11-


Now all enemies in this mod are ported to Dehacked and Decorate, apart from the final bosses.


The special stages will include challenges such as collecting 1000 rings in 60 seconds, racing themed maps, etc. As of now,

maps01-03 have most enemies added (no exit in map03 yet).



Map List:                                           Enemies:                                           Bosses:

Map01 - Greenflower Zone Act 1          Crawla (Blue)                                    Metal Sonic [INCOMPLETE]
Map02 - Greenflower Zone Act 2          Crawla (Red)                                     Brak Eggman [INCOMPLETE]
Map03 - Techno Hill Zone Act 1           Stupid Dumb Unnamed RoboFish
Map04 - Techno Hill Zone Act 2           Buzz (Gold)
Map05 - Deep Sea Zone Act 1             Buzz (Red)
Map06 - Castle Eggman Zone Act 1      Jetty-Syn Bomber
Map07 - Arid Canyon Zone Act 1          Jetty-Syn Gunner
Map08 - Egg Rock Zone Act 1              Crawla Commander
Map09 - Egg Rock Zone Act 3              Deton
Map10 - Techno Hill Zone DM              Skim
Map11 - Deep Sea Zone DM                Sharp
Map12 - Castle Eggman Zone DM         Jet Jaw

                                                         CastleBot FaceStabber
                                                         Egg Guard
                                                         Green Snapper
                                                         Spring Shell (Green)
                                                         Spring Shell (Yellow)


Player Attacks:

1 - Winding Spin Attack - when player fires at rest.

2 - Sprinting Spin Attack - when player fires during slow (no decals) or fast (decals) movement.

3 - Jumping Spin Attack - when player fires in mid-air.







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Hi here is a mod update with all player moves incorporated. Please feel free to add any comments to this project, thanks!

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