UPDATE 07.11.2019...
  Most recent Version:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uBiCadc0AlJ4Hud2JkdZFdOgkhLOsehG     CHANGES FROM THE LAST VERSION:

1. Killed two buggers in Map01 @OleBumma found. 2. Changed the brown sludge in Map01 to green nuke-slime to fit the theme.   3. Map02 is now ready to go into the final testing phase. (fully solvable with 100/100/100) 4. BlueKey Plasma-lockers are now included. 5. The final switch area is ready (and adds just another sentinel for the left side of the map). Yeah I'm a sadist. :)
6. Difficultys included. (Easy is a walk in the park, medium has some potential rapists and UV is Central Park 1980).   WHAT TO DO:   Some detail work. Waiting for the test-results to come in to fine-tune health/ammo. Starting the hub Level from which you can choose any map to progress. :)      The Idea:
  Each map will be playable with a pistol start and should give you a different kind of playtime. So in whats now Map01 you will get a relativly linear map with some scriptet events to spice up the simple gun and run play. Map02 is an "open world" map with almost unlimited ways to solve it.

Designwise I try to use similiar assets in each map (pedestals, teleporters, switch-consoles) so that you always feel that it's a set of maps. I also try to spawn enough ammo/health right after or before some of the bigger fights so if you run low just check the different spawn points. Both maps will take between 30 and 45 minutes - three more are in the planning stage. :)       What you have to do:   - Play - in any way or form you want, but please let me know wich way you choosed and how you ended the level. (Time, Secrets, Kills, Ammo Health) - As in Map01 I will spawn additional Ammo/Health at the according pedestals - inform me if a place needs some more (or has to much). - Let me know of all bugs gameplay-wise. - Visually I'm aware of some problem-zones and obviously one switch area and the Exit are worked on. But let me know anyway if something glitches or any HOMs coming through.   Things to watch out for: - Keep an eye on your back at the start. There's a nasty Hellknight-Sentinel overlooking almost the whole map. ;) - One area is stolen from my Eternal-Map08. :) - If you are able to trap the final boss in the river you should have no problems (even without the Plasma).  If he roams free - well, your in for a fight. ;)
- The music in Map02 is a new piece by Rich Nagel. Still a bit short and rough, but he's working on it. :)
- The music in Map01 is also by Rich, but an improvisation on well known themes. :)     txt:  
   And some new Screenies:    
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