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Need help with a weapon mod

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Hi im trying to use and make some modifications in the future with eriguns, specifically eriguns1_2.1.0.pk3, package available in https://static.angryscience.net/pub/doom/mods/eriguns/ only working with GZ, not compatible with zandronum.


The problem is, that if i select the Altplayer enhanced doomguy... when i use the pistol, it supposedly has 10 rounds in the clip.

inside zscript\eriguns1\weapons\pistol.txt it clearly shows that. but there is a problem.


once you shoot the 10 rounds, the reload animation doesnt launch. you just can keep shooting until you run out of bullets, with complete disregard for the 10 round limit of the clip magazine. i would like to know if anyone could help me figure out how to make the pistol reload once every 10 shots fired. i have played with the code of pistol.txt but cant quite figure it out really.


a peculiar phenomenon is that if you reload manually, you cant just reload again, you have to shot at least 1 bullet so it enables you to reload again, which is completely fine and it should be that way.


Anyhow, this "infinite clip problem without reloading" issue replicates as well in the autoshotgun. the mag of that weapon is 12. but once you shoot the 12 rounds, the gun keeps shooting. it seems that the code is wrong somewhere completely ignoring the magazines capacity. but you can reload manually. but its useless if the mags dont exist.


Can somebody help? Thank you

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