SHIVER   BY @Dubbagdarrel   Download Here   So we have nice points here in this map wich i enjoyed, visually i think the mapper did a nice job, the snow falling, the details with blood, custom monsters (surprise surprise) and a fairly progression way to the end. In the other hand, the monster placement for me is weak..the only time i had a little bit more of struggle (im not mentioning the atacks by Illus monster) was in the room with the two priests. It was monotonous fights in general.   FINAL REMARKS:   - We can see the mapper wants to improve and that its nice, visually ( central area, snow falling, trees, cool stuff there) i see alot of difference from the previous maps i have played. - That demonic voice at the beggining, its a cool touch, but afterwards it gets annoying...toooooooooooooooooooo much annoying. - Custom monsters i thought it was cool. Nicelly done. - The area before the final fight, i think there is a problem with the cacodemons, they stayed there...didn´t came up... - The windows with the view for the keys should be impassable of monster projectiles...if they are not windows, the mapper should not make them look like them.. - I was expecting more for the final fight... - Renaming your map is a touch of yours...the mapper should do it. - Alot of work was done here, congratulations, but the monster placement is weak, in my opinion, it should be reviewed. - Thanks alot for the request!           -----//-----