Download WADs here     ALTEPETL   We got a nice map here, where you can find challenge and close up fights. The progression can be a little bit confusing and there is some misalignments that could be fixed. There is a nukage area that is not a pain sector and it should be for logical reasons. Still, nice map. PS: I think i misspelled the map name, sorry about that.             -------- --------   AMPHIPTERE   "UV is for you masochists who enjoy a map that tries to kill you at all times."by olio, and so i did. Masochist or not, this map can bite you a little in your ass, but managable though can be ruff sometimes. You cant stop a little because the enganging fight and monsters are always on your back...the secret here, and yes i will tell, is to finish the Archville, or else you have to pray to the lord for more ammo. Nice map again.       ------ ------   STARFRIGHT   Well this is the last one, and by the mapper, this is his best one. Did i said Amphiptere can bite your ass? This one can take chunks from your ass then, from the beggining till the end you have to be spared with your ammo. At mid map i had to be very patient with an Arch-ville...and man that gave some work. At the time i had found the plasma gun i did not needed, that secret was well done. For me this is the hardest from all i played from this mapper...a good map.         FINAL GENERAL REMARKS:   - For me, this is the right path. Personally, i enjoy the mapper´s style, the enganging and challenging fights are great and i can only hope to see more and more in the future. In case of small but challenging maps, this mapper is promising. - Thank you very much for the request, i did much enjoyed!      
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