THE GATE   BY @Brxyz   Post Thread     We have a challenging map here and that is great, i like challenge. Sometimes when i get too much frustrated with the gameplay i tend to this case i said that some stuff in the gameplay was "bullshit". It was frustration rising up and i apologize the mapper. I respect his work and know this map had quite a turn arounds for a year i believe. The real reason for my frustration is dark areas (i believe its not fair to player to not know where to go or where the monster is atacking from ), because one thing is the element of surprise and try to get out or face the battle, other is being in total blind area and be fulminated without knowing where its coming from. Other frustration i had was meticulous platforming, because i think it breaks too much the pace of the game. There is an specific area that we have to "jump" litlle by little so we can get to a switch..i knew after i get that, that there would be monster teleport in the i had to do it once again with multiple saves and loads each time...its kind of hard to mantain calm. Believe me...i do like platforming and i have platforming in my maps...but Jesus does not have to be Tomb Rider kind of platforming. There was a certain point in the map that i really dont know how i really got to the next step. But i did it...   We have very enjoyable moments in this map, for instance fragging the Cyberdemon is cool, the teleports sequence is very neat (textures as well) and there is challenge everywhere. I dont know if that was intentional, but at the final fight, i just pressed the switch and got out of there towards the end. I would like to know if this is intentional . I did want to finish the map, but i got a little sad about those two things that tooked me out of patience.  Thank you for the request and ill be here whenever the mapper requests.     = You can follow me on TWITCH ( =   =====//=====
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