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can you interrupt floor/ceiling movement through acs?


just a really short question. when using the functions "floor_lowerbyvalue" or the equivalent ceiling function, is there a function to basically interrupt/cancel the movement?


to give an example, imagine a switch in the floor. when entering this sector, a door starts to open. when you leave the sector, the door instantly stops and goes back to a closed state.


i did something like that a while back but i had to use some trickery. instead of having the total value i wanted the door to move, i added small increments and put them into a loop. this created weird sound, because the floor sound would trigger each time, so i had to remove this in the sndinfo. it did sort of work as i wanted to, but obviously not as it's supposed to work.

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I don't think that this is possible. But, if you want, I think you can create a better work around to your problem.


You can make your door not a raising ceiling one but a 3D floor placed exactly in the place of the door. Now, in your loop (the one that opens the door a little bit every time it is executed) you raise the floor of the dumb sector that controls your 3D floor, not the real ceiling of the door (like you've done in your previous attempt). 3D floors don't make sound when they move (because the sound is made by their control sector) so, if you place the control sector really distant from the player he will hear no sound, and the player will have the impression of a door that is opening (while in reality he is seeing a 3D sector that is becoming smaller and smaller).

I've not tested this but I suppose it will work

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Posted (edited)

i recently learned how to do polyobjects. i think there's a stop function for those as well. so, maybe i'll try if it works with polyobjects.


edit: so, yea, the polyobject stop function makes the sector stop. but i have not yet figured out how to make it move back to it's original position.

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