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Demonic Landing

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Hello! Here's a few screenshots of the map "Demonic Landing".






General info:


- Tested with and designed for GZDoom.
- Freelook allowed and required (just no groovy rocket jumping by shooting at your feet).

- No jumping or crouching

- IWAD : Doom 2

- Map number : MAP01

- Uses OTEX texture pack. https://doom.ukiro.com/otex-downloads/


The level is supposed to be the first of an episode, but it maybe got a bit bloated. I might continue on it or just take is as an exercise. This is the first map I've ever shared with the community, so I'm keen to hear your thoughts on it.


It has plenty of enemies (300+) and is of intermediate difficulty (this is coming from a player who didn't think Romero's Sigil on Ultra Violence was too taxing). Length is something from 10 to 15 minutes.

Download map here.



As a clarification, to run it with the OTEX texture pack, download the file from the above link, copy it to the same folder as your GZDoom exe along with the .wad for this level and make a shortcut with "DemonicLanding.wad otex.wad" added after the directory path. For example "C:\GZDoom\gzdoom.exe DemonicLanding.wad otex.wad", depending of course where your .exe is located. It was ukiro's express desire that the entire pack should not be included within the .wad file, but instead used parallel to it.



After some constructive criticism from JohnSuitePee, I've updated the .wad with some small changes that should overall improve the gameplay. Enjoy!

Edited by Aurelius

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