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june gloom

Doom mods that aren't Doom

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Wasn't sure how to search for this, so I'm asking it instead -- what are some good Doom (or Heretic/Hexen/Strife... or hell, Wolfenstein/Quake 1/2 if you have any recs!) mods that break away from the original theme into something else? I guess we used to call these total or partial conversions. Hacx or Aliens TC would be good examples. It doesn't have to be a complete change -- Impie's "Dr. Chaos" series for Heretic work too for my purposes. Remakes of other games into the Doom engine are also fine.


I feel like I know most of the big ones but I'm sure there's some obscure ones people can recommend. I'm especially looking for anything that's conceivably "real world" (i.e. not fantasy) and with a horror theme.

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Chex Quest

The Fold


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Here's the first map of an Aliens TC I've been working on.



The pk3 can also be used with any iwad and most pwads turning them into alien experiences.



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Still no mention of Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl? Classic ZDoom TC, turns it into a cel-shaded beat-em-up with Sin City inspired cutscenes and branching storylines.




Though I should give a content warning:


There's a scene that involves homophobic violence, if you're sensitive to that.


Also gonna second REKKR as well as the Wool Ball games.

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This one isn't a full blown TC or something but I suppose worth the mention:

A Quake1 style DM wad (single level) I made a while back called: The Bad Place

I strongly suggest running it along with the QStuff Ultra weapons mod. ~ The mod actually inspired me to make the map.



I believe it ended up in the Quake Champions Doom mod also.

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No one's mentioned Total Chaos yet? I have a feeling OP would enjoy that a ton, since it's both "real-world" and "horror."


Funnily enough, I'm actually working on a Doom mod that isn't Doom. Or even an FPS for that matter. It's a flight action game. Really.

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