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DAeqwkk.pngThe point of this project (at least to me) is to kind of show my progression as a mapper and show how I can improve over time solely by reading manuals, watching the occasional YouTube video when I get stuck on something I don't understand, and just mapping. The first map will literally be my first map ever made, and the second one, and so on and so forth...


HOLLOW is just the name because I thought it was cool. It is also a project about going into a church and finding demons there and then ending up in some eldritch Hellscape. idk it just ended up being that way I guess.
If you download this expect it to not be that great, but I love Doom and have +5000 hours in Doom mods and maps alone just like everybody else here and know what I like about Doom maps and fighting demons, so I feel like I have something of value to contribute here in some form.

As of now there are 6 maps. I do not mind contributions, or people trying to contact me on Discord. I am available on the ZDoom Discord and friendly enough! I will stop rambling now, have a Download link:





Some of you may know me on the zdoom forums by the name mrtaterz. I am crossposting on here for more visibility.


Edited by GooseJelly : questions about my identity/pseudonym

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Not sure what was going on in this room on map06, but it was acting all manner of crazy. I'm going to assume this wad is only compatible with gzdoom in opengl mode as this was obviously a compatibility issue. You should probably state that in the OP.


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So, what you mean is, you started out mapping and your maps so far show your progression as a mapper? I actually think that's kind of interesting, cute even, to have a MegaWAD by an author, where you can really see the progress he made as a mapper.

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Played through the first map and so far this wad has some issues regarding difficulty. Shells are surprisingly lacking in the first map and I ran out of them quite often. Not only that but health is quite harsh, even WITH the soulsphere. On top of that was there even a single green armour in that map? Having to kill 2 hell knights with the regular pistol near the end was a PAIN since I couldn't find any way to lower the chaingun. HMP isn't Nightmare.


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