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Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

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Mordeth UV Run in 13:57 (old: 18:29). Looong overdue. Some horrible mistakes, but all the maps are faster, so I'm quite happy with that. Total improvement is 25% but most of it comes from MAP06 which I didn't know how to handle back then.




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2 hours ago, vdgg said:



Always love to see peeps playing, watching which routes they take. Even if it's a speedrun and they'll run past 95% of the map ;) 


Saw you struggling with that red key in map03 map05, and I'm left wondering why you insisted on tackling the more difficult approach instead of taking the easy access route?

Edited by Mordeth : wrong map, stupid

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If there's an easy access, I couldn't find it. I see the red key in a tower and the whole area is surrounded by red key doors, so the only way is via the teleporter?

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40 minutes ago, Mordeth said:

Err sorry, I meant map05 :)  The red key in the crate room.

Yes, there is! Damn! The beauty of discovering new things in a 1997 WAD... I "insisted" because I thought that was the only way... There's also one more thing in the later crate area which I partially climbed twice, but I only needed to do so once. Linedef 2958, tag 36 opens up a little "gate" which I should have checked. Another speedrun? Maybe (At this point you probably don't even need my answer as you know already that I'm only human and I miss the obvious too) 

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Icarus by TeamTNT

Map05 (Flipside by Mark Snell) UV Stroller in 0:29 ic05s029.zip (Old time: 0:38) Uses the "new" route, though I'm not sure it helps so much in a stroller.

Map10 (Bridge by Ty Halderman) UV Stroller in 0:11 ic10s011.zip (Old time: 0:28) Less sloppy, and uses the same exit method as my Map02 stroller earlier in this thread. But with the UV Pacifist at 0:04, this ought to be quicker.


Eye of the Beholder II by Jon Landis

Map04 (Entropy) UV Speed in 0:05 eob4-005.zip (Old time: 0:07) - weapon-change avoidance.

Map04 (Entropy) UV Pacifist in 0:06 eob4p006.zip (Old time: 0:09) - run and hope.

Map04 (Entropy) Nightmare! Speed in 0:05 eob4n005.zip (Old time: 0:07) - exploiting the "turrets".


Nuts by B.P.R.D.

Nightmare! Pacifist in 0:42 nutsnp42.zip (old time: 0:52) Best so far; I might revisit this one, as I'm not convinced it should be slower than NM Speed.

Edited by Grazza

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3 improvements! Former Times were 2:34 -> 2:33 , 6:34 -> 6:14, 6:07 -> 5:45




2 improvements - 1:07 -> 1:03 , 8:20 -> 7:26




Edited by Cyberdemon531 : double dip

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too1337.wad by Jeff 'The Last Doomer' 'CMB' Earls

E1M1 UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:28

(Old time: 0:35 from 2006) Exploits two different invalid tags and zombification. Yes, this is a weird one, and with all due immodesty I shall call it a spectacular new route. :p The zip also contains a 0:32 on the old route (one invalid tag and zombification), and the txt features a wall of text, for those interested.



World of Deth - From Heaven to Hell by Morten Stromsvold

Map30 (The Lost Kingdom) UV Pacifist in 0:17

(Old time: 0:18 from 2007) Slight route tweak to encourage the cybers to hit Romero a little quicker and more accurately.



Revolution! (TVR!.wad) by Thomas van der Velden

Map07 (The Valley of Death) Nightmare! 100% Secrets in 0:39

(Old time: 1:25 from 2002, recorded with Legacy) Nothing spectacular, but it seemed wrong that my ancient and glideless Legacy demo should still be the "record" in this category.



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Killing Adventure


map 2 tyson 0:53 (old 1:04)

map 3 max 1:13 (old 1:15)

map 4 max 1:24 (old 1:27)

map 5 max 0:37 (old 0:38)

map 5 tyson 2:27 (old 2:44)

map 6 max 0:55 (old 0:56)

map 6 tyson 1:10 (old 1:47)

map 8 tyson 3:37 (old 6:22)

map 9 max 0:36 (old 0:39)

map 9 tyson 1:37 (old 2:13)

map 11 max 2:26 (old 2:45)

map 12 max 1:09 (old 1:15)

map 13 max 2:52 (old 3:12)

map 14 max 1:54 (old 1:56)

map 14 tyson 3:44 (old 6:55)

map 15 max 0:58 (old 0:59)

map 16 max 1:44 (old 1:47)

map 17 max 1:11 (old 1:12)

map 19 max 1:08 (old 1:13)

map 20 max 0:41 (old 0:43)

map 21 max 2:14 (old 2:17)

map 22 max 2:26 (old 2:27)

map 23 max 1:27 (old 1:39)

map 24 max 1:10 (old 1:15)

map 26 max 1:14 (old 1:23)

map 27 max 1:56 (old 2:08)

map 28 max 2:36 (old 2:52)

map 31 max 3:30 (old 3:50)




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Face the Pit by Brian Dean

Map03 Nightmare! Pacifist/Speed in 1:17

(Old time: 1:25 from 2011) One of my more popular demos (downloaded 172 times from the forum alone). The lack of visual clues makes it hard to run the right direction through the first half of the void. I fumble the exit switch, as always.



Nightlife by Tom Farmer

Map01 UV Speed in 0:10 (Old time: 0:12 from early 2019) This was meant to be Pacifist, but an accidental wake-up shot hits an imp.


Map01 UV Pacifist in 0:11 (Old time: 0:12 from early 2019)



Perdition's Gate by Alex Mayberry

Map01 UV Tyson in 2:53

(Old time: 4:38 from 2002, recorded in Legacy) Sloppy improvement over my first Tyson run ever. Oddly enough, I found it hard to improve at all over my UV Speed from the same demopack.


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I'm on a roll, I guess.


100 Lines Non-Traditional

Map 02 nomo in 0:15.69. (prev: 0:17.69)

Map 03 nomo in 0:23.89. (prev: 0:25.03)

Map 04 nomo in 0:18.89. (prev: 0:19.89)

Map 09 nomo in 0:24.40. (prev: 0:25.17)

Map 10 nomo in 0:05.94. (prev: 0:06.34)

Map 12 nomo in 0:03.97. (prev: 0:04.74)

Map 19 nomo in 0:08.97. (prev: 0:09.06)

Map 20 nomo in 0:09.80. (prev: 0:10.60)

Map 22 nomo in 0:11.20. (prev: 0:11.89). I don't expect this one to count for points, but it's a substantial improvement, so I'm posting it (maybe someone will do 10 :).










Edited by 4shockblast

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