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Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

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It's Strollernado Week on Doom Planet! These mostly improve over the original Stroller pack.


Icarus by TeamTNT

All UV Stroller

Map13 (Asylum by Robert Taylor) in 0:57 ic13s057.zip (Old time: junk 1:30 from 2005) A useful wake-up shot that wakes nothing up.

Map24 (The Haunting by Gary Gosson) in 0:19 ic24s019.zip (Old time: 0:33 from 2005) LOL, teleport.

Map27 (Starhenge by Ty Halderman) in 0:18 ic27s018.zip (Old time: 0:20 from 2005) Tiny route tweak.

Map31 (Great Balls of Fire by Jim Lowell) in 0:37 ic31s037.zip (Old time: 0:38 from 2005) No route changes, though I looked.


Hell Revealed by Yonatan Donner and Haggay Niv

Map01 (Into the Gate) UV Stroller in 0:19 hr01s019.zip (Old time: 0:20 from 2005) Not the easiest second to knock off. 1% health. Certainly the most entertaining to watch of this batch.


Eternal Doom by Team TNT/Team Eternal

Map14 (Pistol Only by Dia Westerteicher) UV Stroller in 0:14 et14s014.zip (Old time: junk 0:18 from 2005) Nothing to see here. I couldn't improve the map13 Stroller.


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Scythe 2


Aka : searching for missing monsters but still beating my previous times pack. Many of these absolutely suck and warrant a replay. Also features one demo recorded on ritalin (therefore probably TAS), have a guess which one.


map 2 max 1:49 (old 1:53)

map 2 tyson 2:40 (old 3:07)

map 3 tyson 4:54 (old 6:32)

map 4 tyson 5:30 (old 6:22)

map 5 max 1:24 (old 1:28)

map 8 tyson 12:11 (old 16:26)

map 9 max 2:12 (old 2:22)

map 9 tyson 6:17 (old 9:02)

map 12 tyson 6:35 (old 13:40)

map 13 tyson 9:42 (old 11:45)

map 15 max 5:32 (old 6:09)

map 17 max 5:18 (old 5:36)

map 19 max 4:03 (old 4:13)

map 19 tyson 10:10 (old 14:34)

map 20 max 5:47 (old 5:56)

map 28 max 4:21 (old 4:38)




Damn you Grazza. :)




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Nice countdown clock. Reminds me of, well, anything on CNN.


I think this might be a candidate for a bonus point:

Fast and for Doom by JC Dorne

Map03 (Bloodbath) Nomonsters Speed in 0:13

(Old time: 0:14 from 2017) I wrote about that one "I guess 0:13 would require work. And talent." Well, this was not true on either count. This came after a surprisingly short session, and the first two seconds at least show a shocking lack of talent. This is also the section of the run that I had practiced a few thousand times when recording UV and NM demos, and at the two-second point I am a full half second behind my UV run. On the other hand, the right-guided glide and jump go well.


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I posted these improvement of my old demos the the nomo thread then I came across this one and posted them here.

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This contest is for improving old runs that are records held by you, not just for posting demos that improve on another demo you did.

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I´m going to claim some additional textfile points, up to kraf which ones count.


ic01t1118 txt - "Despite 11 minute lenght, I doubt any major improvements will be possible to do."

Yeah right, just 5 more minutes.


ic02-311 txt - "@$%#@#& HARD! Took me 7 hours!!"

Getting 3:03 was effortless though.


ic04t222 txt - "This was hard as hell to beat below 2:25."

But getting 1:52 was effortless though.


ic05-253 txt - "Slow monster teleporter. First time everything teleported before 3:00."

This is just factually wrong. It´s not the fastest teleporter ever, but bigger problem is their wandering around map rather than slow teleporting in.


ic07t2007 txt - "Some parts are way too slowly handled so maybe 5-6 minutes can be cut off."

How about 14 minutes.

ic15t1059 txt - "I feel like the time is as good as it gets, as no sane being would bother playing this map this way."

... Heh.


s209-222 txt - "This route is so menacingly luckbased ARGH"

Oh cmon, you whiny bitch. Even objectively speaking, the only luckbased part here is squeezing through that monster barrage to the arachnotron below. 


s228-438 txt - "Infights were however beyond perfect, holy hell I went outside and it was just completely cleaned out."

This is again just factually wrong. Besides those few cybers who die in almost all attempts, infights simply don´t matter here given the unlimited bfg. Dealing as much damage to afrits through tracers as possible is far more important for time.

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Seems like ic01t1118 and ic15t1059 deserve bonus points. Nice comments all around though :^)


I will update totals tonight.

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9 hours ago, kraflab said:

This contest is for improving old runs that are records held by you, not just for posting demos that improve on another demo you did.

Ok, sorry

Edited by Sector 147

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This was a fun one. My favourite type of demo, with lots of balls in play at once and where you've no idea whether what you're attempting will actually work - until it does by some miracle.

Casualties of War by Mike Breeden

Map01 (Hide-n-Seek) Nightmare! Pacifist in 0:34

(Old time: 0:36 from 2014) Uses a totally different route and approach, based on bringing in a chaingunner and using the archie a bit more. It's all very messy and chaotic (for one thing, I need to allow the spectres to roam, which I carefully avoided in 2014), but on this occasion it worked. Unfortunately I failed to write in 2014 that allowing the spectres in would be disastrous.


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Kama Sutra by Adolf "Gusta" Vojta and Jakub "_Method_" Razak

Map02 (The Hidden Engine) UV Stroller in 0:07 ks02s007.zip (Old time: 0:11 from 2006)

Map03 (Mr.Adolf Kill You!) UV Stroller in 0:10 ks03s010.zip (Old time: 0:11 from 2006)

Map10 (To Be or Not to Be...) UV Pacifist in 0:05 ks10p005.zip (Old time: 0:07 from 2005)

Map23 (A Little Big Massacre) UV Stroller in 0:29 ks23s029.zip (Old time: 0:30 from 2006)

The first wasn't too difficult, but the other three took a fair amount of effort and should be fairly entertaining to watch too. I was hoping for a map13 improvement, but I'm giving up on getting ks13p009.lmp for now.


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Possibly last batch


Claustrophobia 1024 2

Map 20 tyson 18:44 (old 38:05)

The only old tyson I've done for this wad, maxes are already good enough to bother.


Community Chest 4

Map 1 -fast 1:17 (old 1:20)

Map 1 tyson 1:32 (old 1:36)

Map 1 pacifist 0:54 (old 0:56)

The only map I've done proper holefilling for. All of these were harder to beat than I'm willing to admit, considering how ugly they are. Beating max was out of question.


Deus Vult 2

Map 2 max 4:39 (old 4:53)

Map 3 max 6:48 (old 7:21)

Map 12 max 5:11 (old 5:27)

Old 2011 maxes that remained unbeaten for over 8 years. All new ones have some damn ugly mistakes, but I've strived just for first exits and then moving on.


Eternal Memories (em116.wad)

Map 1 tyson 4:02 (old 5:56)

Map 2 tyson 2:41 (old 5:50)

Old demos here were my first ever prboom+ demos submitted to DSDA.



Map 5 tyson 7:57 (old 15:06)

I've managed to skip this one when looking through my demos, then just randomly noticed it still unbeaten in tables. Otherwise it would have been posted with icarus batch.


Vile Flesh

Map 1 tyson 1:36 (old 2:43)

Map 10 max 4:41 (old 5:00)

Map 10 tyson 10:27 (old 22:40)

Maps here are too big to bother re-learning all those late humonguous maps, even if those maxes would be otherwise easy to improve. So only small batch here.


Doom 2

Map 2 tyson 2:36 (old 2:51)

Map 3 tyson 2:45 (old 2:54)

Map 5 tyson 3:51 (old 4:10)

Map 6 tyson 12:38 (old 13:19)


Map 2 tyson 6:55 (old 7:07)

Map 3 tyson 5:24 (old 5:26)

Map 4 tyson 20:13 (old 27:12)

These were a mistake to record. Took too long and getting good times here depends on hitscan luck, so the main tactic here was throwing attempts at them until some managed to stick. Tnt ones were especially painful and barely improve my older times.



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All UV Stroller:


Cliffs11.WAD by Karl Romike

E1M1 in 0:26 clifs026.zip (Old time: 0:44 from 2018) This was my quickest without telefrags.


Dungeon1.WAD by Miles Constable

E1M1 in 0:13 dungs013.zip (Old time: 0:14 from 2018)


FINAL8 by Chris Kuehner

E1M1 in 0:37 fin8s037.zip (Old time: 0:38 from 2018)


Death Tormention II by Paul Corfiatis, Kristian Aro and Chris Harbin

E3M9 (The Bagpipe) in 0:15 p3e9s015.zip (Old time: 0:16 from 2011) Much more work than I expected.

E4M1 (Hell Gate) in 0:13 p4e1s013.zip (Old time: 0:15 from 2011) Quick glide - this equals my old Pacifist time.


ROOKIE.WAD by James Atchison (Professor Doom)

E1M1 in 0:07 roo1s007.zip (Old time: 0:11 from 2018)


Scythe by Erik Alm (with Kim "Torn" Bach)

Map11 (Sneak Peak) in 0:07 sc11s007.zip (Old time: 0:08 from 2005)

Revolution! (TVR!.wad) by Thomas van der Velden

Map12 (Utopia) in 0:27 tv12s027.zip (Old time: 0:38 from early 2006, when we knew less about gliding)

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Don't post this one now I'll probably never get around to it.


Hell Revealed map16 -fast in 11:59 (old time 17:08, 31% improvement)


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2sectors contest wad by various members of the Newdoom forums

Map09 (by Acyclitor) UV Pacifist in 0:12 2s09p012.zip (Old time: 0:16 from 2005) With a lot of luck, this would be the same as Speed (i.e. 0:04).


Congestion 1024 by Various

Map18 (Tutorial #99 by Hobomaster22) Nomonsters Speed in 0:08 2418o008.zip (Old time: 0:10 from 2018) Better approach to the glide. With this method, 0:06 or 0:05 is in reach.


Aboo4 by Bob Reganess

Map01 UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:24 ab41p024.zip (Old time: 0:25 from 2018) Now the same route as NM.


The Building by Nick Paske

E1M1 UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:06 bldgp006.zip (Old time: 0:07 from 2018) Yeah, I'm reluctantly joining the 180-degree crowd.


Blue Room Doom: BETA by S. John Ross

Map03 UV Pacifist in 0:14 brb3p014.zip (Old time: 0:15 from 2013)


Castle of the Renegades by Scott F. Crank

E2M1 UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:16 caslp016.zip (Old time: 0:18 from 2018)


Cave by Chris Tierney

E2M3 UV Speed in 0:18 cave-018.zip (Old time: 0:21 from 2018) Route improvement and some refinements in the running.

E2M3 UV Pacifist in 0:27 cavep027.zip (Old time: 0:44 from 2018) Same improved route - impacts Pacifist more.

Decimate by ReX Claussen (Gurkha Boy)

Map01 UV Pacifist in 0:50 decip050.zip (Old time: 0:57 from 2011) Route improvement; running at the same (low) quality. Got bored with this run quickly.

The Supply Base by MasterOFDeath

Map01 UV Speed in 0:06 mods-006.zip (Old time: 0:07 from 2004) Took more effort than I expected, given that I called my old run 'sloppy'.


ROOKIE.WAD by James Atchison (Professor Doom)

E1M1 UV Pacifist in 0:05 roo1p005.zip (Old time: 0:08 from 2018) A bit more thought than last year.


System Vices by Bob Reganess

Map08 UV Speed in 0:46 sv08-046.zip (Old time: 0:47 from 2003) Awful, but the map is kind of 'snaggy'.


TheKeep2 by Norman Scott

E1M1 UV Pacifist/Speed in 0:11 thkpp011.zip (Old time: 0:13 from 2018) Better execution. Includes a hexedited version that plays back on E3M2 of Wadpak3.


The Lord by Jeff Corr

Map06 (The Unknown????) UV Pacifist in 0:41 tlo6p041.zip (Old time: 1:09 from 2005) I actually planned a route, though random chaos still intervenes.


Vampire 5 or Frodo 5 by Darrell Bircsak

E1M1 UV Speed in 0:27 vam1-027.zip (Old time: 0:32 from 2016) A different monster-opens-door trick.


The Cave, Lord and Vampire demos are probably the most entertaining of this batch.

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Aboo4 by Bob Reganess

Map02 Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:16 ab42n016.zip (Old time: 0:18 from 2018) World's weirdest wallrun.

Map03 Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:17 ab43n017.zip (Old time: 0:19 from 2018)


Beyond Kadath by Chad Noles

Map01 (Night Falls) Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:05 beydn005.zip (Old time: 0:07 from 2011) Taking off the second second required some work.

Castle of the Renegades by Scott F. Crank

E2M1 Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:20 casln020.zip (Old time: 0:24 from 2018)


Cliffs11.WAD by Karl Romike

E1M1 Nightmare! Speed in 0:12 clifn012.zip (Old time: 0:16 from 2018) Planning of both route and health weren't simple. Zip includes a 0:11 nomo.


Doom Lands by B.P.R.D

Map01 Nightmare! Speed in 0:17 dl01n017.zip (Old time: 0:18 from 2004) First-exit improvement.

Icarus by TeamTNT

Map31 (Great Balls of Fire by Jim Lowell) Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist (normal exit) in 0:19 ic31n019.zip (Old time: 0:20 from 2004)

KNEE-DEEP IN THE DEU by DEU 5.1 testers

E1M6 (HELIPAD.WAD by Sean R. Malloy) Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:06 kdd6n006.zip (Old time: 0:07 from 2018) I knew this second could be saved, but wasn't sure if I'd manage it. Includes a hexedited version that sort of plays back on the standalone version of helipad.wad.


Mini-level megawad by Wim Vanrie

Map14 Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:19 lm14n019.zip (Old time: 0:22 from 2010) Fun demo, slaloming past cyber rockets before doing a glide while possibly under fire.

Edited by Grazza

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And another batch of Nightmares:



Map30 Nightmare! Speed in 0:36 mg30n036.zip (Old time: 0:53 from 2004) No need for the red key. First-exit improvement making use of that.

Map30 Nightmare! Pacifist and 100% Secrets in 0:39 mg30np39.zip (Old time: 0:56 from 2004) Ditto.


Nebula 95: Nebula Shrine by lupinx-Kassman

Map02 Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:08 neb1np08.zip (Old time: 0:09 from 2014) Five whole tics quicker.


Hell Gate by Samuel Villarreal/Midway INC.

Map32 Nightmare! Pacifist in 0:13 psxhnp13.zip (Old time: 0:14 from 2004) Looks good right up until the almighty cock-up at the exit switch.


Return to Castle Wolfenstein (doom2 ver) by Norman Scott and Tim Scott

Map05 (Luftwaffe) Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:08 r2c5n008.zip (Old time: 0:29 - or 0:19 depending on how you look at it - from 2018) Old demo was on a dumb route. Accidentally Pacifist.


Real World 2 by Alexis Neuhaus

Map03 (Toxin Refinery) Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:07 r203np07.zip (Old time: 0:08 from 2004) Surprisingly easy. I expected a grind.


RAGE DOOM ver. 2.0 by Dan Krempel

E2M9 Nightmare! Speed (also Pacifist and Reality) in 0:15 ra29n015.zip (Old time: 0:16 from 2018) Expectedly hard. "After many low 16s, I now have my own ideas about why this wad is called 'Rage'."


System Vices by Bob Reganess

Map02 Nightmare! Speed (also Reality) in 0:15 sv02n015.zip (Old time: 1:02 from 2003) Just LOL. I guess I missed this route, though back then I probably wouldn't have been able to run fast enough to use it anyway. Very surprising that I took no damage. Zip includes a 0:14 nomo (where I do take damage!).


10 Sectors Part 2 by various authors

Map28 (by Stefan Maes) Nightmare! Speed/Pacifist in 0:06 t228np06.zip (Old time: 0:09 from 2011) Barging into the two big guys on NM is always fun.


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I'm out of effortlessly beatable stuff and my wrist hurts like fucking hell, so I'm not going to bother trying anything else. Should have done more holefilling back then, I guess.


Hell Revealed

Map 19 max 2:16 (old 2:23)


Hell Revealed 2

Map 9 max 4:23 (old 4:25)

Map 12 -fast 4:59 (old 5:03)

Map 13 max 4:53 (old 5:25)


Dimensions of time (dot.wad)

Map 2 max 2:19 (old 2:37)

Map 3 max 3:11 (old 3:53)

Map 4 max 2:07 (old 2:09)

Map 28 max 2:03 (old 2:04)



Map 5 tyson 9:54 (old 16:14)

This better be worth two points, have a look at previous txt.



Map 4 tyson 17:13 (old 30:25)


Whispers of satan

map 2 tyson 5:28 (old 8:48)

map 3 tyson 7:00 (old 8:49)

map 7 tyson 7:44 (old 18:12)


Squadron 417

Map 11 max 6:06 (old 6:43)


Marswar (marsw301.wad)

Map 32 tyson 6:32 (old 11:27)


The Demon's Hive (thehive.wad)

Max in 3:05 (old 3:14)





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Grats Grazza for reaching 100 demos recorded in a single month!, also seems we don't need to do beat Grazza demos month now.

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Actually, it might be a better choice now since there would be fewer easy points. Or at least fewer easy points in categories I find fun to record nowadays. Go for it if you like.


Assuming no late deluges are going to be accepted, for the prize I'll suggest a choice:

henry map04 pacifist


hellroom map01 pacifist (either fully reality or reality up until an AV jump to exit)


The former might be too aggravating with all the hitscan, but the latter is obviously extremely feasible, and the crowdsurfing would be fun to watch. Hopefully there would be minimal need to wait around for stuff to kill each other.

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Grazza 116 - 110 j4rio

We have a winner 😯


Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated!


To grazza: I am heading off on a week's vacation tomorrow, so I'll start working as soon as I'm back 😉

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Congratulations to Grazza and hats off to all four players who are above me on the leaderboard!

This contest clearly favoured a few selected players, including me. At one point I thought I was going to win: lots of DSDA entries, lots of "records" claimed ages ago, which means they were pretty slow. I also know my demos pretty well. But once Grazza reached 40 points I knew I was very, very wrong.


Happy with most of my new demos. Some would still need improvement (highlow5!), but most of them are fine. I was very surprised to get three easy points thanks to Cleimos II (I thought the old demos were pretty solid) and nothing from P:AR or Death Tormention 3 (the latter were much slower, but the maps seemed to be too complicated to bother). I'm most proud of: MM2 MAP09 Pacifist, Plutonia 2 MAP04 Tyson, maxes for Brotherhood of Ruin and City of Doom. They all happen to be improvements over 2009/early 2010 demos. 


The old demos by year: 2009 - 4 demos, 2010 - 7, 2011 - 5, 2012 - 2, 2013 - 5, 2014,2016,2017,2018,2019 - 1.


Time to watch the others' demos, I saw maybe 30 of them and there's over 200...

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Yeah I have to give my Congratulations to Grazza too. Impressive feat, and a round of appluse to J4rio aswell, beating some of his old tysons. I will be watching them when they get uploaded to Youtube.


There is a clear gap in skill I believe, but for me to get 6th, I'm pretty happy with that.


I didn't know I had it in me to improve some of my Solo-net demos but some of the time cuts are insane (TNT Map 17 for example). There are a few demos I didn't upload, so maybe one day I'll post them ;)


Great effort by all to round off this contest. Looking forward to the next!

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