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PSX Doom/Doom 64 original HQ sound effects

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/hj27zkh8udg1t7w/psx n64 hq sfx 01072019.wad?dl=0


I managed to found some of original source sounds from Sound Ideas libraries in CD quality. Some sounds needed to be constructed and i didn´t get them to perfectly right.


Description of some of the sounds source sounds:

DSCLAW: Imp/Baron/H.knight scratching sound. Piece of fabric getting teared apart

DSCYBDTH: Similar to PC version but with PSX/N64 explosion

DSDOROPN: Door opening sound. This is one of those sound effects that has to be constructed. I don't know how do it yet, so i only adjusted it's duration to match the low quality version. I will try someday to make it more faithful.

DSPSTART: Hydraulic lift. 16/44,1 version has lot of high frequency details that got lost during downsampling. When i first heard this, i wasn´t sure if this really was the original source recording.

DSMETAL: Spider Masterminds walking sound. Thrashbin getting kicked.

DSSGATK: Demon's attack sound. This sound comes from growling tiger.

DSSKEACT: Revenant idle sound. This came from same sound file where PC version Imp sounds are.

DSMANATK: Mancubus attack. Originates from snarling jaguar.

DSBAREXP and DSFIREXPL: Regular and barrel explosion sounds.


DSSPISIT: Spider Mastermind sightsound. Pig squealing mixed with quieter and slightly different version of Imp sight sound. I have to polish this more.


DSLASER: I think i found the original source sound. It sounds quite similar. I have to do some more editing and researching.


Since Aubrey Hodges is member on this forums it would be nice if he could help with this. I don´t have any clue how some of the sounds are filtered or constructed. I did post this earlier on ZDoom forums where members gave valuable information of possible sound sources -> https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=52877

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Wish you the best of luck on this and I'll be following it for when you add more to it. I would love to see Aubrey Hodges' Sound Effects come to life uncompressed, especially since the Archvile sounds that Mr. Hodges made are available uncompressed. 

I prefer his sounds to the originals so this definitely is something I'll use :D

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