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Colormapping help!

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I am making a lava pool with depth in one of my levels in deepsea using zdoomhexen editing. How the heck do I make a red colormap for under the lava, like the boom "watermap"? I tried scripting the color but I pretty much screwed that up. Please help.

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It would be very easy in this situation, to create colored "fog" under the water. How? Well...

Biffy said
An additional method for coloring the underwater area which seems to give the best-looking results is to use the transfer-heights line in the control sector to define underwater color and fogginess. If you give it a slight blue tint and slight fogginess, it's pretty realistic. Don't make the mistake of coloring it a deep shocking blue. To use this method, you put an eight-digit number in for the lower sidedef texture of the transfer-heights line. Try 70000030 for starters, then experiment. The format is that the first two digits control degree of fogginess, the next six digits are RRGGBB (as in red, green, blue). I think they are hexadecimal numbers so that you can use letters a-f as well as numbers, but unless it's a special case of wanting very strong coloring, you should not need to use letters.

Don't forget to adjust the light level in the control sector in order to control the light level underwater. A thanks to Enjay for showing me these things last year.

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