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Sigil Midi Covers Version 1.1 (and apology)

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Hi guys I've come to atone, I fucked up alright. I ain't beating around the bush here... I didn't think about the "let fans pay" option box on Bandcamp, I thought it wasn't a big deal but it is. I didn't have the intentions of profiting off Jimmy's hard work, I just wanted to post my music I worked hard on onto a platform for free. (and I didn't just swap tracks with soundfonts and vst's, I tweaked with tracks with effects, duplicating tracks, changing octaves, etc.) I though the hours that I spent on these tracks were worth it, I don't think they were. (I fucked up on some tracks and redid them so that's it took a long time.) Jimmy actually saw my last post and gave me advice and after that I fell fine now. I make music by using Preexisting midis I find online (except my Freedoom Deadly Outlands remix, I made that midi) so I think I shouldn't make music, at least for awhile. I'm not depressed hell no, I'm just disappointed in myself and I'll try to do better for the Doomworld community. I'm just dumbass kid making mistakes, it happens in life. You live you learn.


So yeah the wads... I've turned the Waveform files into MP3, greatly reducing the size from about 300 mb to 64 mb. But you'll need the SIGIL wad to load my wads.

I also made my own custom art (i don't if it's that good) 


Yeah it's fucking huge sorry. And I used art from Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle as a reference. 


I also changed "Remastered" to "Covers" since it isn't good enough to be a remaster. Just covers.





Orchestra (Kinda of, it's not really an orchestra but uses instruments from an orchestra)



And I've made my Bandcamp albums FREE TO DOWNLOAD. 





not orchestra



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