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Underground.wad (One of My First Levels)

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Posted (edited)

I started playing around with GZDoom Builder about a year ago, and this is one of the first maps I ever started. It's also the one that I've put the most work into I'd say, having worked on it on and off for about a year now.


I've always planned to do more maps to add onto this wad (this level has two endings but both of them go nowhere and that feels unfair to me) but for now all I've got in any state of completion is this.


Takes map slot MAP01, uses Doom 2 IWAD.


Works on GZDoom, does not work on Doomsday. Uses jumping/crouching, 3D/slanted floors, and freelook (freelook not so much though). Also features numerous textures ported over from the Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall and has an original midi track put to it (note: not a midi from Daggerfall but one of my own design).


I'd recommend running in opengl-accelerated, the brightness levels are pretty low across the level. Wasn't aware of the difference between rendering modes when I designed this, sorry.


Anyways, if you like this, let me know, if you don't then let me know about that as well and I'll see what I can work on. Once more levels are completed and added to the wad I'll update it. It was quite a bit of fun to make, and I personally enjoy it quite a bit, I'm pretty proud of my work here in all honesty.


I'd like to give a big thank you to Suitepee for playing this level on his twitch and providing feedback to help make it better.





















Edited by Wilster_Wonkels : Reviewed criticisms brought up by Suitepee, updated map accordingly. Brightness has been brought up map-wide, pinkie count has decreased significantly, and the SSG is more accessible.

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That’s fair, I can replace one or two of those with a better variety of enemies, anything else you’d like to comment on?

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