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What Type of multiplayer map would you all like to see.

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Hi there person and or people reading this what kind of DM map would you like to see to give ideas just type them in the comments and i will read them.

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Posted (edited)

One where there's a chamber filled with slime with tons of stuff inside, and people can get into it and grab all the goodies. But have the path to them fairly long, and put windows (which you can't go through) so people outside can see if anyone is in there and press a button to close the door for 30 seconds. This can even be done in Vanilla format! And it would be extremely hilarious to see someone get in, and right before coming out all powered up with guns and stuff, gets locked inside with the slime :P


And make the rest of the map sort of centered around it, there's multiple paths to getting in there but doing so is extremely risky as anyone could press the button before you can escape, so you have to plan your entrance carefully.

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3 hours ago, drmman said:

I've Been Working On This Prototype So I'd Like Feedback For It.


It's okay, but there's a room with a BFG and tons of cells you can get for basically free. I don't think getting a BFG should be that stupidly easy, there must be some sort of challenge or puzzle before getting it. Otherwise everyone will go grab it always and the game devolves into firing BFGs everywhere.


Why is there a slime pit that immediately kills you when entering? If this is what i suggested before, i was talking about a slime pit that slowly dealt damage, not instantaneously killed you.

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Well This Is A Prototype I'm Still Working On The Map Itself It's a pain working on whole slew of projects the map you suggested is still being worked on but i have other

things to work on including real world stuff so just wait until i get more time as well some custom textures.

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On 7/26/2019 at 6:23 AM, ([zen3001]) said:

If I had an interesting idea I would just make the map, this thread is pointless

Well off you go now also this comment was pointless.

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