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Nukage Tech (My Second Wad)

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This is my second wad (Nukage Tech), Learned how to make a 3D Bridge in vanilla doom.



After killing all the demon in Tech Gate, You find out that there was more demon to kill and the Nukage Tech was invaded...









Port Tested on: Chocolate Doom, PrBoom+, ZDOOM, Chocorenderlimits


Download: nukagetech.zip

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Played through your .wad on UV, took me around 10 minutes.


Nice compact little level. I found the secrets a little obtuse; the mega armor/rocket launcher secret I only found when I was backtracking to try and get ammo. The soulsphere was far harder - There was no indication of how to get there and I presumed it was a teleport secret. I had to IDCLIP to work it out. Ammo was a mixture of either too much or too little - Some of the ammo from the last area perhaps should have been spread into earlier areas. Cacao swarm also triggered far too late for me -They hadn't released by the time I had crossed the bridge. This of course is dependent on the player going the same way as me - Through the doors before trying to cross the bridge. A far cleverer trap might be to release the swarm when you flick the switch to raise the exit door - That way the difficulty isn't dependent on the order in which the player approaches the map.


Design wise it was nicely constructed - Good use of space and no glaring errors or texture misalignments. I'll leave the commentary on this though to Hak3180 who has a good critical eye for design and level construction.

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Really good level. My first couple of attempts left me stranded for ammo by the final room, and I was about to put the blame on you for that but after one more attempt with a little more diligence I got through everything just fine. The secrets were intuitive as well, slightly misaligned texture to indicate a false wall and a gap that allows you to leap into a nukage pit weren't too hard to figure out, so yeah, it was fun. Although, the revenant swarm behind the red door was not as appreciated. I just have a personal vendetta against revenants and to see those bastards coming out the door didn't brighten my day.

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I agree with Magicana on the soulsphere secret. You're asking players to be able to tell that the top half only of a small piece of brown144 is misaligned by 8 units, which is a texture that is quite easy not to notice misalignments. And that's not too mention that this is vanilla; that's going to be next to impossible to spot on Chocolate. And of course, when you do spot that, it's still just a vague hint as to which side you approach the secret from. The actual secret door has no indication whatsoever of a secret.

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