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1. Who hired that revenant to stand there? I mean, it'd make sense for gameplay purposes. But why is he standing there? Did he get hired by IOS to just to "Foil" the Doom-guy? if so, why can't he send some of his more valued soldiers, like Cyberdemon or Spider-mastermind?1651666889_bandicam2019-07-0721-23-27-551.jpg.f3c6511a488ca13e924d406f85f74a5c.jpg


2. If the Zombiemen are just other marines, why don't they have proper armor? Doom-guy has a full suit with a helmet, wouldn't it make more sense to have a proper helmet-and-green-suit combo? I know that there was a "Zombieman" sprite which was basically Doom-guy with some hand-drawn red eyes slapped onto the visor of his helmet, but that was just something from the first scannings of his sprite.



3. How'd that imp get stuck in that remote-controlled door? There seems to be no control room WHERE the remote-controlled door would be opened and closed. Maybe it was an early defense against the demon invasion? but why in this remote area?


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