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Dreamscape - a single/coop snapmap feature

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Dreamscape was tested for single-player which works very well. However, couple of things to be aware if you decided to go for the multi-player route. First, teammates must be in the same room for one to activate the argent pod. In other words, as a team, stay together. Apparently, it would intends to 'break' the flow if one player is out of the module if another player is activating the argent pod---another bug for SnapMap I guess. Another issue is when a player does activate the pod or a wave is started, other players would not see the countdown of the enemies killed (it appears to be on the first wave all the time). The kills do count but other players would not see the change other than the first player activating the wave. Remember, as a team, stay together when activating anything since survival is crucial.  Code:  CH9VX5U8



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