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IWAD maps that are fun to max?

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Was just casually watching a few slaughtermap maxes, then found myself asking this. So, which IWAD maps are cool to do maxes of? Includes D1, D2 and Final Doom

Bonus: hardest iwad max?

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From my experience D2 doesn't seem to have any fun map to max, D1 is mostly shotgunning so it's also horrible except for e4m2 :), the e4m6 max also looks fun if you're into the tricky jumps. On the other hand the plutonia maps I've done were really fun except for map03, there are also some maps that are really dependant on infights like map05 with the masterminds vs revs fight and can be frustrating but plutonia in general is awesome for maxing. Tnt is hit and miss, most of my tnt runs are casual 30 min effort demos, the only one I remember being really frustrating with missing enemies is map11, the others were ok, not great, not terrible.

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Have to agree with anc here wrt plutonia. In my opinion the maps in it are consistenly more fun to max than in the other iWADs, but in the end it's highly subjective anyway. If you like monster condo, go right ahead and max that, you know what I mean? If you wanna max anything, regardless of how well optimized, it needs to be a map you enjoy playing, because chances are you'll play it a bunch.

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as far as full game runs go, tnt's length makes it difficult to keep composure all the way through, plutonia is hard, but much shorter so it's less stressful, d1 sucks because its d1, and d2 is perfect length and difficulty and its lovely


ep3 plutonia is probably the best max experience, bfg everything and hope for the best and isn't that hard when you're bringing weapons through. 

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Map01: Chainsaw dice rolling

Map02: SSG dice rolling, infight rolling, survival rolling, complete RNG.

Map09: Infight rolling, survival rolling, berserk fist dmg rolling

Map12: This was surprisingly fun map to max. Only exception is the caco demon room which happens to be the final part...

Map28: Quite heavily depends on how well the monsters move to your line of BFG fire.

Map29: Many tactics to choose from. The 5 imps near the arch-vile aren't that big of a problem. Use the chaingun, not SSG, you fool! Great map, imo.

Map30: Eh?

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In my limited experience I find these maps great for maxing.

Doom: e2m7, e3m3

Doom 2:  map 8 of which I personally put well over 1000 attempts still no cigar, maps 9,10,11,15,16,17,18,27,28 interestingly you get a bfg in every single map.

Tnt: map 15,18,28,31,32 most of tnt is a miss for maxing.

Plutonia: I haven't made very many attempts with plutonia but I think maps 15,16, map 23 you get a bfg and ssg right at start pretty cool. Map 28 is really fun imo you get a ton of cells and essentially infinite rockets with good monster density. Map 32 obviously.

For hardest iwad max I don't know exactly what you mean as hardest record to break or the most annoying iwad to max so I'll list both. Hi jango's e1m7 and Looper's Doom 2 map 2 are both exceptional. For annoying I think Doom 2 map 8 cyberdemon Baron room as your run depends on well they infight ideally you want the cyberdemon to win vs the barons and come out of his nook to pwn the cacos as well but getting that to happen might as well go out and try to get struck by lighting imo.

I hope this was helpful.

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