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GZDoom Automap Bug?

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in the automap (when in the Automap Options Show Things As Sprites is set to Rotate or Animated)  I can see everwhere doomguys hand and shotgun

Maybe its only up to my graphic card or my graphic options in GZDoom but anyway how can I avoid this?

Any ideas?


GZDoom 4.1.3

GeForce GTX 660 Ti


gzdoom 2019-07-07 15-20-01-16.jpg

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The bogus sprite there is the one with index 0, so this can easily happen if some actor gets altered through Dehacked in an unforeseen way. What map is that?


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I  played it with the Brutal Mod 2.0b. and it looks like that this the answer. No problems without the mod.

I think I should update the Brutal Mod  ;)


Thanks for the answer, Graf Zahl!



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You can also check out BD options, and disable the conflicted parameter. For some wads I run into such problem myself and disable BD decorations.

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Looks good. Thanks!

And I thought it has something to do with the graphic card or GZDoom. I forgot completely the BD Mod!

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