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Russian Strife 1.0

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Current version: 1.0




About the port

Russian Strife is a Russian-language DOOM-engine source port based on version 3.0.0 of Chocolate Doom and made entirely for the game Strife: Quest for the Sigil. The port’s main purpose is to present a Russian translation and voiceover of Strife on a vanilla-based Doom engine. It is made in the same spirit as Russian Doom, creation of Julian Nechaevsky, a source port that fulfills the same purpose and supports other games released on the Doom engine.


The project, all its materials, files and source code are available under the GNU GPL v2 license.


Installing and launching

Download (version 1.0)


To launch Russian Strife, the original game data files (IWAD) are required: STRIFE1.WAD и VOICES.WAD. Under the condition that these files are located in the port folder, launching either chocolate-strife-setup.exe (setup program) or chocolate-strife.exe will be enough.


The game can also be launched without the Russian voiceover, if the file “strife-russian-voices.wad” in the “rus_files” folder is removed. The port changes the length of cutscenes in order to accomodate the length of the Russian voice files, but the game will be playable with the original voiceover as well. A function to hotswitch voiceovers is planned in the future.


Specifying the “-file” command to load the Russian resource files in the rus_files folder is not necessary—the port will load all necessary files on its own, just like in Russian Doom.


Note: dialog text can be turned on and off in the game through the F8 key, or through the “Текст в диалогах” setting in the submenu “Настройки экрана”, in chocolate-strife-setup.exe. Keep in mind that interface elements may sometimes scarcely fit due to the length of words in the Russian language.



GitHub repository

Translation team (in Russian)

Chocolate Doom

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