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Trigonomicon - a map for speedrunners

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Posted (edited)

Hi im Grabisoft, im new to Doom mapping in general. Ive been doing maps for Half Life and Counter Strike 1.5 for decades but decided to let myself into the Doom world of mapping. 

So here i am. I created a map mainly for those who would like a "challenge" and go really fast, like Sonic :)





I developed this little thing with Doom builder 2.1.2, using the BOOM game configuration and DOOM2 iwad.

I tested this mainly in GZdoom because is the source port of my choice, but it should work with any other.

the map name per se is TRIGON, so once you load the game, make sure to type "map trigon"

This map is very simple, its composed of 3 triangles. 2 of them are big (blue and green) and 1 is small (red).



How to beat it?

1) You start in the vertice of the blue triangle in the 1st floor. you have to get to the base of the triangle as fast as possible before monsters kill you.

2) you get into the "one direction" hidden teleporter. and go into phase 2. you are transported into the 2nd floor of green triangle. This time you have 

to navigate jumping from platform to platform to the second teleporter. If you fall, you will most likely die.

3) If you reached the second teleporter, you will be warped in the red triangle. This one is small, just try to survive the 2 cyberdemons and get to the other side 

to be warped once again to the green triangle.

4) Now you start in the 1st floor of the green triangle and have to get to the base once again as you did with blue triangle. Thing is this one has acid floor and stronger monsters.

5) Once you get warped again, you are finally back into the blue triangle but 2nd floor. Now try to reach as fast as possible to the vertice to the exit spot.


DISCLAIMER: if you dont follow these paths, and fight your way conventionally killing everything you see, you will most likely perish. :(


Lore of the map?

Basically due to its style, abstract and geometric. The idea is that doom guy got sucked inside an evil computer. You act as an antivirus trying to figure out the way to get out of the machine. Monsters are like malware.






I will leave my demos, one is exploiting and skiping the red and green triangle. the other is a normal speedrun. 

trigon demo.rar


(By the way, the gun you see in the screenshots was made by me. I basically took my favorite 1911 air gun and photographed it, and used lots of photoshop and slade. just a detail worth mentioning.)


Get the map here:


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