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What is your favourite Heretic episode 3 level?

What is your favourite Heretic episode 3 level?  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favourite Heretic episode 3 level?

    • E3M1 - The Storehouse
    • E3M2 - The Cesspool
    • E3M3 - The Confluence
    • E3M4 - The Azure Fortress
    • E3M5 - The Ophidian Lair
    • E3M6 - The Halls of Fear
    • E3M7 - The Chasm
    • E3M8 - D'Sparil's Keep
    • E3M9 - The Aquifier

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Here comes the polling thread of my favourite episode. Many levels in it that I really like that include E3M3, E3M4, E3M6 and E3M7. I will probably go with M7 here.


E1 Thread: here

E2 Thread: here

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Posted (edited)

*D'speril's keep intensifies*


Also if E3M7 and E3M6 swapped places then the name of map24 of DooM 2 AND E3M7 would be identical as the 24th map. Lol?

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I kinda wish I could answer any of these polls but my memories of the iwad are blurry, partially because it's been two years since my only playthrough and half of the maps bored me. Vote goes to E3M2 as it's one I do remember quite clear, the fortress design appealed to me a lot, and it was the first time I spectated tense infighting between wizards, ophidians and whatnot. I also tried really hard to entice an iron lich to eat the malotaur and it never happened lol, freaking notarget flag, enemies should have always been able to attack malotaurs intentionally. 

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