Hello! Fairly sure this is my first time posting.
Made this account a while ago, popped into Doombuilder from time to time, but never sat down to for a full project. Think it's about time I make an entrance.

This is my first complete map. Before it, I only made rooms and tried some things here and there, to understand some of Doom's intricacies.
Don't expect magic, the map is fairly ugly, but before I get the feel for making something that looks good, I'll stick to fun gameplay, or at least try to.   
Format: Doom in Hexen
IWAD: Doom 2
Custom stuff: MP3 background song - Diablo 2 - Jungle (Should be fine for videos or streams)
Ports tested in: GZDoom g.3.5.1
Software used:
- Map: Doom Builder
- Inclusion of MP3: Slade

Jumping and Crouching: Preferably enabled
Mouselook: Preferably enabled (Especially due to the vertical nature of the map)

WAD itself: