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Christen Klie Master Levels Order?

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Anyones knows the order Klie intended his 12 levels for the master levels to be ?


I've tried to look into the readme(s) for each WAD, the master levels have no release date and the outtakes have all the same (08/27/95) .


What would be the best order or if there is any "logical" order ? Or what would you think ?

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For the outtakes, BlueFireZ88 assembled them as a fourth episode for The Lost Episodes of Doom, another project involving Klie. The order there was device_1, cpu, hive, dmz, cdk_fury, and finally e_inside. As for the levels that actually made the cut, they seem to work just fine in alphabetical order.

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Freely available levels: DOOM: Chris_e1.wad. DOOM II: Bf_thud!.wad, The_fury.wad, The_cpu.wad, The_dmz.wad, device_1.wad, the_hive.wad, e_inside.wad. HERETIC: Smudge.wad.



Little-known stuff:  I was so excited by the chance to contribute to The Master Levels that I worked on it roughly 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Literally.  No lie.  I worked on it constantly until it was ready to ship, and gave myself a healthy case of pneumonia in the process.  I produced a total of 12 levels for the project, 6 of which were included.  The out-takes (The Fury; The CPU; The DMZ; Device One; The Hive and The Enemy Inside) can be found on CompuServe's Action Games Forum (GO GAM586) as part of CDKSTUFF.ZIP, which contains all of my freeware levels for DOOM, DOOM II and Heretic.


Source (bolds are mine): http://classicdoom.com/hosted/larsen/mlfaq103.htm


I find very interesting the out-takes are mentioned in this particular order (at least, it seems the second instance was written by Christen David Klie himself). And I think it makes sense, because the last two levels are the ones which do feature a cyberdemon as boss in somewhat trivialized battles due to the available power-ups, while the first one seems a convenient level for warm-up.


Alas, I don’t know if this order is @Xaser-approved.

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