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I am going to make up a rumor with no evidence that the game will have microtransactions

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On 7/10/2019 at 4:17 PM, Edward850 said:

They have outright stated they are working on making the engine support modding. And as for snapmap, they never said why specifically but it was seemingly removed because  demand wanted it to be in favour of singleplayer DLC. 


Really? I've heard both, that they planned to make it support modding and that they had no plans of making it support modding.

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16 hours ago, leodoom85 said:

Author of OP is a bad rumor spread in DW...not that I mind of, since I won't play the game ;)


Anyway. Don't believe in these rumors that smell like made-up bullshit. Wait for that kind of news...


You're calling me a "bad rumour"? I hope not.


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Posted (edited)
On 7/13/2019 at 7:08 AM, MetroidJunkie said:

Really? I've heard both, that they planned to make it support modding and that they had no plans of making it support modding.


The latter is more likely than not misinformation. Now let me shed some light:


I don't have any links at hand but in a nutshell, Marty clearly stated in an interview that with Doom 2016 they made some choices that didn't quite work in favor of modding and they are now trying to reverse that. At the same time, he also said, and I quote, that we "should keep the hope alive, but not too alive", implying that modding capabilities are a 50-50, it may or may not happen and they won't make a promise they can't keep.


The final aspect to keep in mind is that there will not be mod support at launch. Mod support is a long-term goal.

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I wonder how much interest mod support will churn up. The presumed difficulty of it is a factor, but at the same time small teams of developers make pretty good things in other modern game engines, so maybe we can set that aside. The big worrying factor for me is that Doom 3 doesn't have a huge amount of mods, and RAGE has very few at all, but at the same time both of those were less popular games. Doom 4 has had a small but dedicated modding community, suggesting that there are people who are more than willing to cut their teeth into Eternal modding, which I can assume is because it is a more popular game that people would want to work on and extend.

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The micro-transactions in Eternal will most likely be there but i'm guessing it's just gonna be cosmetic and story DLC like they've already said. Besides, they'll probably do what they did with 2016 after a few years and just release it all free.

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