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Interest in mapping tutorials?

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Is there any interest in beginner tutorials for GZ/Doombuilder?

I found that there aren't many up to date tutorials that cover the basics on how to use the software.

Most videos seem to be 10 years old and spend 20 minutes talking about unnecessary background information.

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I myself am not particularly interested in watching them, however, being able to point towards new tutorials would be absolutely great. I wouldn't have to explain that some stuff needs to be ignored, etc.

It's not hard to believe that some relatively fast-paced tutorials would also make mapping far more accessible than it already is. There's already lots of maps coming out, but I don't think having more coming out would be bad at all.

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Posted (edited)

Nowadays everything is more oriented towards videos. Reading seems to be a lost art.

There are many excellent tutorials in the Editing Tutorials sections, but judging by most help questions that section is just an adjunct to Doomworld, given nary a glance.


With editing tools as advanced as they are today, in combination with advanced ports, the majority of pwads published today are just rehashes of yesteryear and have no value other than being a first testmap. Sure, authors of such pwads need encouragement, and that is needed to stimulate the imagination and creativity.


When there were hardly any resources available years ago, those building maps were forced to scrounge through every bit of information to just build some basic sectors and keep learning as one went along. Experimantation was the rule. But today, everyone wants to start building a master piece right away with little knowledge of the mapping process. So, my advice is, read as much as you can while developing your maps, but watch videos to reinforce what you have read. Take your time and have fun.



Edited by Kappes Buur

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It'd be good for beginners but you'd need a southern twang for it to be great.

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Sorry mi bad english xD


I did not know how to start, all the tutorials are English and I speak Spanish. I recommend that you start creating complex levels and practice with them. When you need help, there are search tutorials or questions in the forum specific problems. My maps were horrible when I started and now I feel safe, that I even made a WAD of 32 levels by myself.


-----------------------------------// Spanish version //----------------------------


Yo no sabia como comenzar, todos los tutoriales son  en ingles y yo hablo español. Te recomiendo que empieces a crear niveles complejos y practicar con ellos. Cuando necesites ayuda, hay busca tutoriales o pregunta en el foro problemas especificos. Mis mapas eran horribles cuando empece y ahora me siento seguro, que incluso hice un WAD de 32 niveles yo solo.

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I think there will always be an interest for tutorials, especially video tutorials. There is a lot of information and help out there, but as I agree completely with Kappes, I think a lot of it can be easily skipped over by those who just aren’t interested in reading.


As someone who has only recently started to dive into Doom mapping, there are a few subjects that come to mind as areas in which I personally ran into trouble, in as far as finding simple and naïve-friendly info.


A big one was the world of lumps. I may have just been looking in the wrong places (or not hard enough), but I felt like I was stumbling around in the dark trying to get a basic understanding of things like dehacked, musinfo, mapinfo, gameinfo, sndinfo, decorate, etc. It was a long time of jumping back and forth between various wiki pages (getting lucky with “examples”), and opening up the doom 2 IWAD and other PWADS in doombuilder, piecing things together in my slow brain. Sure, this process was probably a lot more educational in a sense, but a concise and generalized tutorial on the subject would’ve been a blessing (again, there may be one – or many – somewhere, but I couldn’t find one).


Another one that might be incredibly useful for a newcomer – despite feeling kind of silly saying this – is a video tutorial on a lot of important keyboard shortcuts in doombuilder. Yes, it’s as simple as going to Help > Keyboard shortcuts reference. However, the first time I opened that sucker up, it felt like sensory overload at a time when I was still just learning the absolute basics. Things like Control+A or Shift+A to align textures was so critical to learn though, and Shift+J to merge sectors was a total brain-melting game-changer that I could hardly believe took me over a year to discover. Point being, it might be extremely helpful for beginners to have a small tutorial that just covers some of the basic – yet powerful – shortcuts at their disposal.


Best of luck on your video series!

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Definitely could use a new round of tutorial videos, as Chubz's videos are a  bit aged at this point.

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