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Faded Dream (My first Doom Wad)

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Hi, long time Doomworld lurker, first time poster. Anyway, I just got done making my first Doom wad. My main inspiration for this map is this weird dream I had the other night, where I was in Doom, and this is basically what the map looked like. They're around 47 demons in the map, but as long as you're adept; You should be fine. It's also extremely short, with only 3 main areas, I hope I didn't do too bad. More information on the wad is in "readme.txt". 




Tested in GZDoom
Any render mode with true color (It'll look weird without it)




Faded Dream.zip

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The pink fade weirdly made the map feel better. I guess it did make it feel more dream-esque. I do like what you've done so far but I have a few gripes.


1: The map is EXTREMELY short. Like if I was to speedrun it I'd probably get it done in less than 15 seconds (no guarantees).


2: Almost no health on this map what-so ever. Being that you have to face quite a few enemies I really didn't enjoy how little HP there was.


3: The final segment had little cover I accidentally exited the map.


Overall a fine map on it's own but it does need balancing...



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technical nitpick: your sky6 is "sky1", not "skybox".

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13 hours ago, ketmar said:

your sky6 is "sky1", not "skybox".

It works, right?

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Nice beginning for a map. ;)

I liked it for what it was (and it was to short). The pink fog is a nice touch.

Sadly the exit really disturbes the last room as @DynamiteKaitorn I also exited accidentially on my first try. At the second try I was more carfull and had to kill the last mancubus with my bare fists. :)

Overall my stats were like this:




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@theDia @iggys_hot_ass Yeah; Sorry about that. I'll be sure to make the exit a little smaller next time.

@Zahid I don't know how to play back .imp files. I spent an hour trying to figure it out. lmao

But overall, I can't thank you guys enough for testing my map.

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Your map is on my "to play" list. It looks like the Doom equivalent of shoegaze, lol... 

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I loved the look of your map, and I really like the idea of playing through a dream (or something similar). As others have stated, it was a really short map... That being said, if this is is intended to be a MAP01, that in and of itself is not a problem.


The biggest issue with this map was the final room/area... There are a ton of enemies (mostly infighting), which doesn't quite feel like a natural progression from what came before it, and you can easily or accidentally run to the exit. This may have been what you were going for, but I think it may turn off your average Doom player.


Looking forward to seeing more maps of yours!

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On 7/14/2019 at 7:44 PM, Tangerine said:

i don't know how to play back .imp files. I spent an hour trying to figure it out. lmao


Just Drag and drop lmp file on Prboom/glboom plus icon 

just make sure your wad(and doom2 wad)  should also be in same prboom folder... 

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People keep talking about the pink fog, but what about that weird texture on the floor cutout in the blue armor room?


This gives me ideas for my own first map. I have a similar inclination to apply atmospherics in whatever I make, and now that I see just how easy it is to pull off in Doom, I'm strongly considering doing something a bit more surreal than what I have now.


Out of curiosity, how exactly did you do the fog effect?

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58 minutes ago, Noah Eadie said:

Out of curiosity, how exactly did you do the fog effect?

It's actually pretty easy; In your MAPINFO, type in fade, followed by whatever color you want, in my case; lavender. Just a quick side note about the fog; The lower the brightness in a given sector, the closer the fog will be to the player. In laymen's terms, 255 brightness = no fade effect at all.


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