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I Want to Make a Game with GZdoom

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my pc is really not that great, so played "old games" that are the only ones that really run on my pc, and one of them was DOOM 1 and 2.

Recently i've thought, of a really cool story for a game, and i started to search for tools to make such game, but, none seem to work, BUT DOOM BUILDER WORKED! (Slade 3 and others ones din't worked but thats no the point yet)

I Want opinions, on the story and the ways i could make happen, First, the story. For short: I was thinking abou Germany, Retro-futuristic. The Story is going to be about a alternative reality that Hitler was killed, in the middle of the war, and other guys assumed in his place, this guys started to trying to end the war, and fixing some things Hitler made, after a period of time, they allied with the allies (from WWII), against Japan and won.

thats the part that the player will know, the other half is going to be discovery through the game. 

the kind of world the player will find it self on, is a destructed city with bizarre creatures and bizarre laws, with colossal robots, space-time anomalies, and a voice in your head that telling you that you are the chosen-one of some kind of prophecy of the ancient-ones.


basically that, any thought?

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