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Enemy firing shots even when out of sight?


Posted (edited)

actor NMEBossPony01 15046
health 4000
speed 12
height 76
radius 24
painchance 64
            POSS BCDE 20 A_look
            POSS G 6 A_chase
            Goto see+1
        POSS K 8 A_FaceTarget
        POSS L 8 
        TNT1 A 0 A_CustomMissile ("BOSS2BOLT", 40, 10, 0, 0, 0)
        POSS M 8
        goto see
        POSS O 8 
        POSS P 8 
        POSS Q 8
        goto see
            POSS S 8 A_SCREAM
            POSS TUV 8
            POSS W -1 A_NoBlocking

This is my code so far for my second boss I'm about to implement into my TMoD 3D project. For what ever reason, this boss keeps trying to shoot at me despite me not being in range. Most of the code is from the previous boss (though touched up to work with boss 2's model animations) and the previous boss does not have this error. Any idea why this boss has a habit of trying to kill me even when I literally can't be seen through a thick wall?



forgot to mention but I HAVE tried using A_MonsterRefire and it's various types but so far it's all a dud. :l

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I think "Goto see+1" is the problem, the "+1" is the state after See which is the Missile state which fires and then returns to See again.  Probably need to use "loop" keyword instead.

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I agree with andrewj, but here is a more detailed explanation.  Sometimes Goto See+1 is useful, if you want to use the first frame in See only the first time you enter the See state, but in this case, See has only 1 frame and the next frame in the code is the first frame in Missile.

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