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Posted (edited)
On 7/13/2019 at 5:35 PM, SOSU said:

Everybody loves SCVIV (me too) because you can whip in all direction and the amount of movement control but the problem with 8 way whipping was that the sub items became mostly useless >:/

Not really. If you can, hold onto the cross boomerang for the whole game (easy if you memorized the candles) with the III upgrade, and it's pretty much a cheat mode for most of the bosses. 

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The fully upgraded cross is more useful against Dracula than the whip is in 4. I remember Egoraptor made a video complaining about a lot of things in Castlevania 4, and I don't agree with very much of it. 

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yep Cross or Holy water are usually broken as fuck in the games. 

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