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Bass Slapper '89

*UPDATE * Jazz Jackrabbit Doom v2.1

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1 hour ago, xvertigox said:

That looks dope. Your mapping has progressed heaps, man.

Thanks buddy. Very much appreciated.


This one is gonna be fun. I tested out the level, added low friction to make it feel like you are rolling. I added "thrust thing" linedefs on the side bouncers and upper bouncers to feel like you are kicked back by them. As if you are in a Pinball machine.


My next step is to get the Flippers to flip up. I know for sure Polyobjects will do the trick. I recently saw a video tutorial I saw demonstrated by DoomHQ on YouTube.

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Posted (edited)

Update 8/30


I made my first attempt on Polyobjects! Wow! Such a killer feature!


As y'all have seen, I decided last minute to design a secret level for Jazz Jackrabbit Doom, cause why not???


The concept of the secret level Map 21: DoomBall is a giant, functioning, Pinball machine. I got the idea from 90's retro game, Epic Pinball! Another childhood favorite of mine.


  • I added friction to the majority of the arena, so it seems like you a ball in a Pinball machine.
  • I added Polyobjects (Swing Door) to the flippers. Got one to work properly, but the other is going backwards... Gonna get that fixed this weekend. Btw, I added a feature to where if the player bumps into the flippers, the flippers will move the player.
  • I added linedefs with the Thrust Thing action to the Bumpers near the flippers and at the top. To give that Pinball feel.
  • Gonna add more thrust thing linedefs around the arena.
  • I am gonna add a tunnel or teleporter to take the player back to where they started. As if you are the next ball to play. In case the player moves past the flippers. 
  • I added Table Art that is Doom themed. Not finished yet. I added Doom Guy, but will add a Cacodemon and a Lost Soul into the art.
  • I added 2 ramps that will lead you to higher locations to reach for weapons, items, secrets, etc.
  • Gonna add a separate sector that will be inside an arcade, which will teleport you into the Doom Pinball machine.


I'll keep y'all updated. Have a great weekend!

Edited by AlanjWeh89

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Update 9/6


@Austinado reviewed, recorded and played my mod. Which I thank you for your feedback.


He mentioned a list of things I need to do to make the Jazz Jackrabbit Doom mod better.

Which isn't a lot, surprisingly, since this is my first mod to design.


  • I am gonna redesign Maps 3, 10 and 11. They were sloppy designing and I know I can do better.
  • I brought up the brightness to Maps 9 and 14. They were dark maps
  • I removed the Spaz Blaster, since there is the LFG-2000 with infinite ammo.
  • I am working on the coding for the Crow, since it's not really attacking the player.
  • Gonna work on the turtle (Like the Pinky Demon).
  • Even though I was told to design the enemies in a cartoon like style, the Turtles need more work done.
    Idk how to design my own sprites, but I will do what I can to learn. I'm sure Photoshop will do the trick.
  • A modder by the name, Ozymandias81, has helped with organizing, touching up the JJDoom file, Polyobject advice. It's now a Pk3 file.
    Thank you so much buddy.
  • Still designing secret Map 21: Doomball. The Flippers are set when it comes to the Swing Door Polyobjects.
    Now all I need to do is add the sectors that will work your way through the scoreboard area and back sections of the Pinball machine.

This is all I have for now when it comes to any updates. I'll keep y'all updated. Until then, y'all have a great weekend!!!

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Update 9/10


Sorry for no screenshots of my progress. I'll post them later today.


  • I fixed the Wandering Turtle that doesn't react to player's presence. Now it'll attack like a Pinky.
  • I fixed the Crow that had coding that'll keep it from attacking, unless up close. Now, it will attack like a Lost Soul.
  • I'm in the process of designing the gunner Turtles with better detailed sprites. They look awkward in my opinion, since I'm new to sprite
    designing... I may change the sprites again. So far, I completed the "Zombie Man" alike Turtle and the "Shotgun Guy" alike Turtle... The difference about the two now, is the color
    of their Turtle shells and their attacks. The "Zombie Man" Turtle (Tan Shell) fires one round... The "Shotgun Guy" Turtle (Red Shell) fires 3 rounds.
  • Still need to design the Sprites for the Heavy Weapon Dude alike Turtle and the Arachnotron alike Turtle
  • New map designs for 3, 10 and 11 are in my plans for updating. That'll be announced once I get the sprites taken care of.


This is all I have for now. Thank you all for the support and help. I will keep y'all updated.

Edited by AlanjWeh89

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That flipper level is a fun idea. I don't know how well the concept translates to first-person gameplay, but it's definitely a unique secret level gimmick.

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14 hours ago, Gez said:

That flipper level is a fun idea. I don't know how well the concept translates to first-person gameplay, but it's definitely a unique secret level gimmick.

I thought the same thing as well. When I thought of this idea, it was my first attempt to do something new... especially Polyobjects. lol

About it's gameplay, I'm still figuring it out. I have a few ideas in mind, I just got to put them to the test. I tried throwing in enemies with projectile attacks but the gameplay was sloppy in my opinion. I'll come up with something fun for sure.


Still working on it on the secret level but will be on hold for a bit. I got distracted with updating DECORATES. My mod still needs work, so I'm going through with designing custom sprites for the gunner Turtles and small features here and there. Plus, redesigning a few levels that need work.


No telling how long this will take but I definitely keep everyone updated.

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Update 9/16


Here's what progress I made between 9/13 to 9/16:


Sprite designing for enemies is a pain but it was still killer to learn. Thanks to Photoshop and it's magic!


  • I finished detailing new sprites for the Turtle Gunners and replaced the originals. They definitely look way better than before.
  • There's new death frames for the "Pinky" Turtle.
  • Gonna work on DECORATE and tweak the Turtle Gunner's attacks.
  • Gonna work on the removing splash damage from the Rocket Weapons (No splash damage in the original games)
  • Map 3: "Diamonds Again?" will be in the works for redesigning this week.


Even though v2.1 of Jazz Jackrabbit Doom is not my best work, in my opinion, I'm still leaving it up for download. Just so everyone will get a chance of getting that 90's nostalgia. What I am planning on doing is take my time now for what needs to be fixed. I felt like I rushed it, some way or another.


I'll keep y'all updated. Until then, y'all have a nice week!!!


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45 minutes ago, noisebloom said:

That Turtle Gunner sprite looks great - I'm pretty excited to see them in action!

Oh bro, the animation looks killer! :)


I tested out the enemies I replaced and they look way better than my lazy designed Sprites I had before lol


I have no clue when I'll release a new version on Jazz Jackrabbit Doom, since I am planning on redesigning a few levels that were designed sloppy at the time. I will keep you updated buddy.

Edited by AlanjWeh89

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Here's what I've done today:


Secret Level - DoomBall - Work in Progress



POSSA1.png.989bd12d2cf7a6f219cc999d740be777.png  POSSA3A7.png.c7d1f4d9933abd5d2f6de4f2ad7fa95c.png POSSA5.png.b12844f589159051e444d0b1cc27831c.png - Turtle Gunner (Complete)

POSSA1.png.cd2d98b4f5f1995c10f50cceb3f1cacd.png  POSSA3A7.png.f2ad2ae7109ffdf0775729dfba66c226.png POSSA5.png.0d35612e1fc6e3f9815020f5f1f0e8ad.png - Turtle Elite (Complete)

CPOSB1.png.222a36ccf87177b7af22fbbc033db522.png CPOSC1.png.6a81b4c17be703d031e650e1f05dd2f0.png  CPOSF1.png.452712432b3a3ab6a2c50ddc4a502d7e.png - Schwarzenguard (Complete)

POSSA1.png.920ae410bb3a18589a51e40b5ee7dbd3.png  POSSB1.png.ba0889c144e360d53d0aa871382b57eb.png    POSSC1.png.3f589027c15ab6a4a0cb96f062fdeff1.png - Plasma Rifle Gunner (Complete)


DGLGG0.png.059fa47e81a43c517e870297f8ee55b9.pngHSMLA0.png.1b0471ec261ce2eed962488c77e2b839.pngThe missile weapons splash damage won't harm the player , like in the original game.

RF- Missile              Seeker


Now that the sprites are completed, I'm going to get back to redesigning maps 03, 10, 11 and finishing the secret level.

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