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Zillo “Ziyo”

Your favorite Master levels!

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Hello there. I have played thru all the master levels, and find them to be a niche within the community.
Half of them to be really good, and outclass vanilla DOOM2; and the other half are pure messy trash.
Here are some of my favorites:


2. VIRGIL.wad
3. ATTACK.wad

5. FISTULA.wad

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Posted (edited)

My top 3 from Master Levels for Doom II is:

  1. MAP32: Bad Dream 

  2. MAP09: Vesperas 

  3. MAP03: Virgil's Lead 

Edited by Andromeda

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If we're doing a "Top ?" list, I'll give you my Top 5:

  1. Titan Manor - goddamn, the design is epic for a level made in 95/96. While confusing for first-time players, the intricacies, the enemy placement, the secrets and the supply distribution more than make up for it. Almost everything in the level is important, whether it's a switch turning the outdoor lights on, or a pillar you must run across to advance, etc. The flow is brilliant, and the action is tense. Props to Jim Flynn, may he rest in peace.
  2. Geryon - an atypical map from Dr. Sleep. What I love about it is indeed the atypical nature of it all (not that I don't like his other MLs). It's also an interesting map to route out, especially for speedrunning. Ammo is given at just the right amount to make it adequately challenging. I also find the flow between white-tech, stone and the final metal areas to be mostly fine.
  3. Attack - very good action-packed map to start out. It's no wonder Tim Willits ended up working for id. Like Geryon, they are plenty of ways to go about this map, which makes it very replayable. There's nothing too ridiculous (well, at all) in this level. Attack.wad also gives a Doom II Map01 vibe, which I like a lot. I also love the fact that there's a Plasma Gun. Very fun!
  4. Paradox - Mustaine's homage to Inmost Dens, and his only outing for the MLs. The start is probably the toughest part, mostly due to the monster density on the outer ring. The secrets are pretty fine and the design is intriguing, echoing I.Dens while still maintaining its own identity. It's a shame that this is the only level Mustaine made. It would've been so interesting to see what else he would've done.
  5. Black Tower - Cranium strikes with one of the most difficult maps of the set. While Mephisto is stupidly hard - what with its stingey ammo - and TEETH is just batshit annoying, BT is both a cool concept and, for the most part, executed well. The player goes to different floors, each with their own unique challenges (teleport traps, hitscanner heavens and, the only big blemish, malfunctioning Caco-windows). From the top floor and the fight back down becomes what is essentially slaughter. Besides the aforementioned Cacodemon floor, the gameplay is tough yet fair, and the entire map is tense as hell.

Honourable mentions go to Trapped on Titan and Bad Dream.

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Paradox is probably the most consistent - professionally-made, fun and challenging all at once.

I also like the concept and exploration of Bloodsea Keep.

Attack is simple but great.

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