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Unreal 2 (per pixel lighting?!)

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We haven't seen anything new about unreal 2 for quite a time now. Are they adding per pixel light to the engine? If not, I think they will stay miles behind doom 3. PCGamer has on page 4 a small picture of outside environment of doom 3. I couldnt see alot, but i can tell it looks kick ass. How can unreal 2 compete with that, without having all the new tech...

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This forum really ought to be called "New game tech" :-P
Relax - you've only seen *one* tiny screenshot of Doom 3's outdoor capabilities and it was also mentioned in that PC Gamer article that you would only spend a rather brief time outside in Doom 3.

I think Unreal 2 will have a few pros over Doom 3 - one being the fact that it will be full of outdoor areas (something that outdoor fanatics will like better), another being the different gameplay.

True, Unreal 2 can't compete with Doom 3 techology wise, but I still think a lot of people will buy Unreal 2 for it's totally different feel.

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