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Favorite WADs from the past few months?

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I'm coming back to the Doom community after about 5 months away. Damn it feels good to be back, booting up GZDoom after so long felt like seeing an old friend after a trip abroad, and I'm ready to get back into the groove of things. What are some fun WADS that I might have missed? I'm not picky, I'll play anything strange/intense/action packed/funny and everything in between. I'll be on for another half hour and then again at some point during the day tomorrow, so hit me with your faves.



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"Hurt" by Elend and "Infraworld - the Hatehammer" by Stormcatcher are both massive single-map PWADs that fun and beautiful.

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Don't miss out on these:

- Eviternity


- Lilywhite Lilith

- The Slaughter Spectrum

- Paradise

- Lunar Catastrophe

- Hell-Forged


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@Terminus oh, right, Big Papa Romero himself released a new WAD, I know where my free time tomorrow is going! Also, I just checked out those other suggestions and they look good too, i'll be sure to play through them sometime soon, thanks

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I will second DoomKid's suggestion of 'Alien Bastards!'. Doomer Boards has been poppin' out some great projects lately - actually all of their main projects are worth checking out - not all are from as recent of times, though.


I'd say:



Lunar Catastrophe

Akeldama - Episode 1



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12 hours ago, Doomkid said:

You just have to check out Alien Bastards!, one of the most fun WADs I've played in years.


vanilla gameplay but with cooler graphics.  its a highlight fr.  love it!


I would also give the mapwich a gander.  The difficulty goes from habenero to scorpion pepper but its probably worth it.


Fresh Meat is fantastic btw.  Its got I think 6-7 maps.  Check that out too.


It is a good time to come back though.  The rest of the year should be pretty filled out.  I think we in the lull between e3 and quakecon.

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Brutal DooM v21 is out if you want... that...


Whilst not strictly map packs, I did recently (well, sort-of recently?) come across Colourful Hell and LaTailorGirl by Hegecactus. First one basically puts the usual DooM on its head with some really nasty tricks and changes.


LTG allows you to play as 1 of 3 girls who all have different ways of playing. Not only that but the game uses ARMOUR as weapon enchantments. Pretty smart if you ask me!




As for maps, I did personally take part on the Hexen Upstart Mapping Project if you wanna play a hexen mod.



Also, I did recently come across Eviternity. Haven't finished it yet but it's quite complex! Give it a try. :)




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If we extend "past few months" to December last year, I'd say Eviternity. A great WAD from a thematic, episodic and gameplay-based point-of-view.

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