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[FAP] Clan - Doom Group

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Hi All ~


I am Hoe from [FAP].  I've been playing since my teens (I went to school with Sandy Peterson's children...showing my age here....) when this game came out and rediscovered it a few years ago.  I decided to start a Discord for Doom players and it became a relative large group.  We are like a family and it's been a great experience.


 We currently host 15 servers on Doomseeker.  Come check us out if you get a chance.  My personal favorite mod is RGA and I'm thinking about putting up more RGA servers soon.  We are also trying to organize an All Out War Tournament - a mod that has been gone awhile but was popular several years ago.


Our website is www.fapnow.xyz.  Yes, I created it for the lols as well as our tag.  We are more jokers than we are trolls - we enjoy humor while playing this beloved game.


Should you have any questions or have any issues, please contact me directly.  I can be reached via the website.  


Thanks and take care!




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