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Labyrinth Doom Wad

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Played through this.


It seems like you are just learning the basics of making a Doom WAD. You have learned how to create sectors and give linedefs special actions. You've learned how to place "Things", i.e. zombiemen. You have learned how to apply textures. It's a playable level.


Here's what's next:


Sectors/linedefs: The linedefs on the sides of your doors should be "Lower Unpegged" to prevent the weird scrolling effect, but that's merely an annoying detail. You have called your map "Labyrinth Version", so I assume your intention is to create a maze of some sort. However, you haven't really created much of a maze. Can the user get lost in the maze? Is it disorienting? Not really. The layout is extremely simple, far past the line of boring. Play some Doom WADs and figure out what kind of architecture you are interested in. Go places in real life and get inspired. Go nuts and then assess what works and what doesn't. 


Things: You only have one enemy type in this map. Generally, that makes for a pretty boring level, especially if they are arbitrarily grouped together. It seems like the zombiemen in your level are sometimes more interested in infighting than actually attacking the player. Try adding multiple enemy types with purposeful placement, e.g. enemies at different heights, deaf enemies ("Ambush"), enemies lurking in hidden locations that are released via a linedef trigger. Try to create an experience that ramps up as you play, that creates moments of tension and release, etc. Think about your item placement, as well. The player needs to be challenged regarding health, ammo, etc. appropriately for the difficulty they select.


Textures: There are many misaligned textures here, though the worst offender is the doors, as they are one of the most noticeable facets of your map. Research texture misalignment; in most cases, it's a pretty easy fix. Misalignment isn't actually the biggest issue with your map, though... the biggest issue is that everything looks pretty boring, because you've basically used the same wall texture throughout the level. Use multiple wall textures that appropriately transition into each other to add some variety. 




What kind of feedback are you trying to solicit? This map seems like an experiment in learning how Doom mapping works, which is fine, but I think it may be worthwhile to spend quite a bit of time assessing and improving your maps before you post here, unless you have specific questions or types of feedback you want. There's a lot of people here who spend weeks, months, or even years on WADs, so people tend to want to review/give feedback to those efforts with a higher priority.


Happy mapping!

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