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I can't select the bottom three guns on the weapon wheel!

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I've discovered some kind of bug on Doom 2016, whereby I hold down Q to show the weapon wheel, and the mouse is able to select the guns at the top and sides of the wheel, but NOT the bottom. This happens even on Arcade mode, and I completed the game once already, so there should be no restrictions.


Why can't I move the mouse to select the bottom three guns on the weapon wheel? I'm on Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics for the moment, but that surely can't be a reason? It must be a bug, right?


EDIT: It seems this is NOT a big issue with PC gamers, but since I'm a PC gamer and I hardly ever used the weapon wheel on my first playthrough, then it's not really needed, as the number key bindings are far quicker. Sorry to bother you, but beware the bug exists.


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I had a completely different complaint about the weapon wheel, mine worked fine, but the weapon order was different from the number keys, in addition to the Scroll Wheel weapon order (which went like 1,2,4,3,5...).


I had a hard time with the number keys (generally favoring one weapon until it was empty, then dying), so I tried the Weapon Wheel for a bit, but it really killed the mood and I would forget to use it.


After watching an UN100% speedrun though, I noticed his weapon tactics and rebound a lot of the weapons to surround WASD.  I put the rocket launcher on E, so I can shoot a rocket, scroll-up(next weapon), shoot the SSG, scroll-up, shoot the Gauss, press E and repeat.  He adds the shotgun grenade to the barrage sometimes as well, but that required slightly more finesse for me to bother with.


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