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Textures bug HELP!!!

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Hello DoomWorld, they wanted you to help me with a mistake I've had several times, all of them resolved excluding the map, but this time I'm trying to sort things out more quietly now, so I'm not sure why this happens, but the textures are cropped, and kind of invisible, this has happened to walls too I do not know how to fix this, and apparently this does not appear when I'm in gzdoom builder, so please help me.



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it looks like mapping error (crossed linedefs, or something), but it is hard to say without looking at the map itself.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks a lot for the help! But I've already set this up, maybe it's always the same reason, linedefs conflict, the strange thing is that linedef was far to **** and still managed to bug the textures, but thanks for the help anyway :).

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