Hey guys - looking for feedback on the initial rev of my first map. I'm planning on potentially doing a 5 or 6 map episode (tentatively titled QwikDoom), with each map having a unique mechanic/twist to spice things up a bit. Most of these maps will be on the short side (i.e. "Qwik").   Imprisoned in hell for an eternity, doubting it could get any worse. Unfortunately, a demon prankster named Qwik takes it upon himself to make things much more complicated.
  Tested in GZDoom Freelook, jumping, crouching allowed/optional Doom II IWAD MAP01 only All difficulties implemented   Revision History:   v1.3 - 7/16/19 - Shortened intermission lines, replaced plasma gun with chaingun
v1.2 - 7/15/19 - Fixed HOM bug with basement lift, removed Secret sector for plasma gun v1.1 - 7/14/19 - Moved teleporter in final room into separate sector v1.0 - 7/14/19 - Initial post         Bloody Knuckles v1.3: BDNUCKS.zip   I would appreciate any feedback on gameplay, texturing, layout, etc. Thanks!