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How to have the level name and the automap level name be different?


Can I set the level name shiwn on the automap to be different to the one shown at the start of the level?

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If you want to do this without MAPINFO (honestly not sure how to do it with that but I'm sure it's on the wiki somewhere), then you'll want a DEHACKED patch inside your wad with the name that you want on the automap and a level graphic which is different to that.


The easiest way that I've found to make a DEHACKED patch is with WhackEd4, where if you make a BEX patch and go to the Strings table, look for the string which corresponds to the map you want to edit (map 1 is HUSTR_1 iirc) and change that to what you want to appear on the automap.


Then you'll want to make a graphic, which in Doom2 at least is called CWILVxx where xx is 1 less than the map you're editing (so map 1 is CWILV00), with the level name you want to appear before the level starts.

To make this, you'll probably want Bitmap Font Writer and the Doom Fonts (Large Grey or Large Red are the ones of the right size) so the level picture looks the same as the ones in vanilla doom, it gives you an output which you can copy into paint or something and then into your wad (though, you need to crop the picture so there aren't any blank lines around the text).

It should look something like this (you can get rid of the blue background when importing it to your wad through Slade):




This should work though if you're confused about anything then I'll try my best to help!

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The mapinfo file has a simple command to do what you want. The only thing that you need is a graphic containing the name that you want to be displayed in the intermission screen.

After that, you need to write in your mapinfo file the following code:



Map MAPxx "automap name"


         Titlepatch = "name of the intermission graphic"





The titlepatch line will replace the default intermission name (generated using the name near MAPxx) with the graphic containing your other name.


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