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How To Slade 3 Script Lump

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I'm trying to figure out how to add the Script lump/entry like mentioned here Into my wad but after a bit of googling can't find anything. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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Posted (edited)

Create your map in either GZDoom:Doom2 (Hexen format) or in GZDoom:Doom2 (UDMF). After saving the map and reopening it, you'll find a BEHAVIOR lump in the map namespace. At that point it is basically an empty lump, meaning it is there but does not do anything.


A script is just a text lump, which needs to be compiled.


To add a script in GZDB/GZDBBF press F10 to open the script editor and type the script. When done, press the compile icon. If no error shows up, the BEHAVIOR lump is updated to reflect the compiled script. You are done and test the map. Save the map.


To add a script in Slade3, highlight the BEHAVIOR lump and press the New Entry icon. Type SCRIPTS and press OK. Now highlight the SCRIPTS lump and click on View as Text. Enter the script in the text editor window. When done, rightclick  the SCRIPTS lump, which opens a window with several choices. Click on Script, which opens another window with two choices. Click on Compile ACS. If no errors occur, then the BEHAVIOR lump reflects the compiled script. Save the map. Test the map. 

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