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The mystery of Doom the Movie's lost action figures

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Posted (edited)

I'm guessing at least a couple of them were made given that photos exist. Between that and various announcements about the toys - enough even to have made it to Doomworld at the time - I'd be stunned if there weren't a few out there. I hope you find some more info, I love the little archaeological digs into Doom's past you're always doing.

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Posted (edited)

After delving further into this topic, I've come across evidence of two more Doom the Movie merchandise items planned to be produced by First 4 Figures.


The first is a 1:1 Scale Sewer Imp Head Replica Bust, said to be the first in a line of 1:1 scale monster heads. There's an empty product page for this item archived here with a seemingly accurate SRP of $174.99 as corroborated by this list. This preorder appears to have been quickly cancelled back then, judging by this news post. There doesn't seem to be any surviving photos of what this bust looked like, assuming any were released, but the original item description barely survived and is transcribed here:


First 4 Figures is excited to be kicking off a series of DOOM 1:1 Monster Heads! Sure to scare even the most hardened of people, this 14" Imp head faithfully recreates the imp that was operated on by Samantha Grim and caught lurking in the sewers of the UAC labs


The second Doom the Movie item from F4F I've found evidence for is a Sarge 12 inch Action Figure. This is a different item from the aforementioned 6 inch Sarge action figure. According to a news post from F4F themselves, this statue was publicly displayed at San Diego Comic Con 2006. Amazingly enough, I found actual images of this Sarge figure at this con, but unfortunately, the photographer was focusing on the Transformer statues. As such, here are the only pictures I could find of the 12 inch Sarge peeking behind Optimus' head:



1ebPmMw.jpg (Sarge's foot on the very left)



In that last image, we can see Sarge had the BFG as an accessory at his feet.


Ergo, the rabbit hole deepens. Clearly, a lot more Doom the Movie merchandise was planned, and we have photographic proof some of it was physically prototyped. What more is there to discover, and has any of it survived to today?

But, perhaps most shocking of all in my recent research, I've come across a post of someone claiming to have possibly seen one of the elusive 6 inch action figures for sale in a store! It's an old post from an obscure little forum you've probably never heard of, but I'll quote the message here:

On 10/23/2013 at 9:01 AM, 40oz said:

I saw the Sewer Imp in a toy store in California once, if I had known how impossible it would have been to find anywhere else I would have bought it. I don't think I had any money on my at the time though.


However, I believe it likely that this person may be have been mistaking the Sewer Imp for the Hell Knight statue. While I would like to @40oz for clarification, he looks to have been banned since then, and I can only assume he's now dead.

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There's this guy called Ian Ulmer

his youtube page is EN ulmer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Xc7g82g1UuSQAOAkMLdHQ
his ebay is mynamesen https://www.ebay.com/usr/mynamesen?_trksid=p2053788.m1543.l2754
his etsy is ENsTrinkets https://www.etsy.com/shop/ENsTrinkets
his deviantart is ENulmer https://www.deviantart.com/enulmer/gallery

he makes custom figures and makes doom figures which he's made like a whole bunch of

you can contact him and see about him making a figure for you :P

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