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This is a level of mine that I've been working on every now and again since about Christmas. It started off as an experiment to try and design a "tight" level as in not leaving much void space between the room. I found myself happy with the results and decided to share it here. There's a lot less focus on atmosphere in comparison to my first wad and more focus on faster-paced action.






-Runs on Doom2.wad

-3d and sloped floors.


-Freelook is recommended

-Tested in GzDoom 3.4.1

-Contains original Music












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Posted (edited)

I had a playthrough your map.



I'm not sure what I think about it. It's far and beyond better than anything I've ever made, but just a lot of little things jumped out at me. A lot of the rooms seem too big for the encounters that take place - The initial outside area and first entry point into the base are prime examples - Loads of room, but not quite enough going on to justify it.


Ammo was pretty well balanced - I ran low at times, but I also missed the SSG because I forgot whether the map was jumping allowed or not (Hence the very long pause towards the end while I went on DW on my phone to check). The SSG would have saved a ton of ammo against the pinkies. In GZDoom the brightness was also way too low in a lot of areas, but that's port specific and it would run fine in others.


I did get lost quite a bit, but I've got a bad sense of direction. Hopefully you don't tear your hair out too much watching me flounder around.


It seems you've also used the blue key as a bit of a "Master" key to unlock bits of the level - Linking the outside area to the initial start, plus some additional bonuses (I had a quick peek in Doombuilder after I finished the level). I like the outside areas becoming one, but I'm not sold on hiding a secret behind the gimmick - By the time you get that soulsphere, the level is done, plus it involves some significant backtracking.

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