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Super Cooperative Pack - pack of mini-mods for the co-op

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Super Cooperative Pack or SCOOPPack, or SCPack - this is a pack of mini-mods for a more convenient game of co-op! :D

Pack working for cooperative in - GZDoom and QZDoom
Mini-mods separately can work on other ports!
(Most implemented in Zandronum)

Pack by - FoxPlays

Special thanks for - Void Weaver, JSO X and N00b2015 !

Anti-Block - by FoxPlays and Void Weaver - this mod disables collisions between players.
Mod removes some unpleasant problems in co-op:

  • Tele-fragging your friends
  • Blocking players

ShowSecretsM - by FoxPlays - show for everyone a message about finding a secret!
Now found secret will seem to everyone

NoMultiM - by FoxPlays and JSO X - No more Multiplayer Monsters!
This mod disables all monsters who have a flag - Multiplayer Only
Now you can play as well in a small company!



ShowSE - by FoxPlays and N00b2015 - show everyone a message if a secret exit is found

SPInfo - by FoxPlays and Void Weaver - shows player information!

Each mini-mod can be turned on/off at your discretion!


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