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Can't make a melee weapon pushback enemies

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Hi people. In gzdoom, I was trying to modify cleric's mace weapon from Hexen in DECORATE by making it push back enemies like the fighter's fists. I tried making use of "Weapon.pushback" but it doesn't seem to have any effect regardless of the value assigned to it.


I modified mace by making a new actor called "CWeapMaceNew" that inherits from and replaces original weapon "CWeapMace".

actor CWeapMaceNew : CWeapMace replaces CWeapMace
	Weapon.Kickback 9999
			CMCE B 2 Offset(60, 20)
			CMCE B 1 Offset(30, 33)
			CMCE B 2 Offset(8, 45)
			CMCE C 1 Offset(8, 45)
			CMCE D 1 Offset(8, 45)
			CMCE E 1 Offset(8, 45)
			CMCE E 1 Offset(-11, 58) A_CustomPunch (random(45,55), 1, 0, "HammerPuff", 144, 0)
			CMCE F 1 Offset(8, 45)
			CMCE F 2 Offset(-8, 74)
			CMCE F 1 Offset(-20, 96)
			CMCE F 6 Offset(-33, 160)
			CMCE A 2 Offset(8, 75) A_ReFire
			CMCE A 1 Offset(8, 65)
			CMCE A 2 Offset(8, 60)
			CMCE A 1 Offset(8, 55)
			CMCE A 2 Offset(8, 50)
			CMCE A 1 Offset(8, 45)
			Goto Ready


What is wrong with this?


And before u ask. I had also provided this new weapon to cleric by adding following code in DECORATE

Actor ClericPlayerNew : ClericPlayer replaces ClericPlayer
	Player.WeaponSlot 1, CWeapMaceNew
	Player.WeaponSlot 2, CWeapStaff
	Player.WeaponSlot 3, CWeapFlame
	Player.WeaponSlot 4, CWeapWraithverge
	Player.StartItem "CWeapMaceNew"


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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, Empyre said:

You have created the weapon and the class, but are you playing as the new class?  You can't use "replaces" with player classes.



Forgot to mention that I have also done that. Other edited weapons are working fine tho (even the increased damage of mace is working fine) and only the kickback thing is not working.

Edited by ReaperAA

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1 hour ago, Empyre said:

I don't know why Kickback is not working, but maybe you can fake it with A_RaduisThrust.


Thanks. By using it, I managed to get close to the desired kickback effect I needed.


For those wondering, I added this line after the line that contains "A_CustomPunch" in code provided at OP:

CMCE E 0 Offset(-11, 58) A_RadiusThrust(5000, 64, RTF_NOIMPACTDAMAGE)


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I would recommend finding a different solution than A_CustomPunch. The melee attack functions for Hexen's weapons actually perform hitscan checks in a 45 degree cone around the player, unlike A_CustomPunch which (I believe) only fires one hitscan check straight ahead. So the results don't feel the same.

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