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EVO 2019

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I'm happy to be seeing Samurai Shodown getting so much love. Everyone in the Samurai Shodown Discord is thrilled about the news. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of salty Smash Bros. elitists complaining about Melee not being on the main stage. I'm just surprised Melee lasted for as long as it did. I mean, how do people not get tired of always seeing Fox vs. Fox, no items, Final Destination? I realize that excelling within Melee's niche-like meta requires an exceptional level of ability, but the meta is just so incredibly limited to the point that whenever Sheik and/or Marth make appearances in the upper brackets, it's largely regarded as an unexpected and refreshing delight, peppered with a handful of cynics bellyaching over trolls not taking the game seriously enough on account of not playing with Fox. 

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Also happy SamSho's getting the traction; I've opined on Twitter about my happiness that a "classic-styled" fighter with somewhat pared-down, fundamentals-heavy mechanics and a large emphasis on the neutral game, can actually still draw crowds; it beating out MK11 is something totally noteworthy here.


Think I'll be watching the top 8 of SamSho, Tekken 7 and UNIST (these are three games I actually play) if nothing else. <3 

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